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Brain, Don’t Fail Me Now! Oh! You Just Did!

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
I had always thought I was good at remembering things, but when the time came for me to do my own grocery shopping for the first time, my brain decided to step out for a while.  That’s how it has been ever since.  It will generously allow me to remember stuff like Birthdays, Anniversaries, appointments, telephone numbers and Bank Account details most of the time.  But items needed from the shop?  No!  Not a chance! You know how guys hate going shopping?  Well that’s my brain!  I once bumped into Ash in a certain well known supermarket.  I was in a world of my own desperately trying to recall what I needed when he said hello.  It took me a minute to realize that someone was talking to me, then another moment to realize who it was, my brain struggling to switch between my own little world and the real one!  I seem to recall an amused expression on his face at the time.

I’d never been one for writing lists, but as I’ve got older, I find it has become a necessity, mostly To Do Lists and Shopping Lists.  I also write my appointments on my calendar, although that didn’t stop me forgetting one last week.  Thank God for my Mum, who reminded me in the nick of time!  I’ve come to the conclusion that it all boils down to age, and tying in with last weeks’ theme, information overload!  As an advanced society, we’ve managed to complicate our lives to the point of ridiculousness.

One of my favorite poems’ is “Leisure” by W.H.Davies.  So taking his words on board, I’m making time to “Stand and Stare” and have a little chill out time to clear my thoughts and remind myself of the simpler things in life.  I think we all need to do this once in a while. De-clutter, de-stress and the mind flows much more smoothly.  Perhaps then I’ll be able to remember what I went shopping for ….. 

I must, I MUST remember …….
Why is it I can remember Birthdays?
Bank account and telephone numbers,
Anniversaries and appointments?
But when I’m shopping my memory slumbers?

It abandons me quite suddenly,
While I’m standing in the supermarket,
I stare blankly at the Brussels Sprouts,
As my neurons spark and then short circuit.

What did I come in for?
I’m sure there were at least a dozen things!
I wander the aisles aimlessly,
In the hope inspiration springs.

Was it: eggs, potatoes, milk and sugar,
Ham, Apples, juice and spread?
Or was it none of the above at all,
Just toilet rolls and bread?

As a result I end spending money
On items I didn’t need to buy.
At home I’m well enough stocked in ketchup,
To keep me going ‘til the Apocalypse is nigh!

I must, I MUST remember
To write a shopping list
And when completed, pop it in my purse
So, when I go out, it can’t be missed!!
Lists, I’d be lost without them!

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