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Bracken: The Alienork Way

Posted on the 19 January 2016 by Ingrafted @dfiningnarrativ

Matt Bracken authors a great allegory which captures the dilemma we find ourselves plagued by. Is there no thought of self preservation here on “Happy Island”? -DTN

Bracken: The Alienork WayWestern Rifle Shooters Association

Moonlight over Opunohu bay, Moorea, Tahiti

Bracken sends:

The Alienork Way

My name is Naku. This is the story of my people, who live on the great Island of Plenty. Our island is so vast, and the need for travel so small, and it being very difficult to cross the high mountain ridges, people most often live near where they are born. Food is easy to grow or to pick everywhere and at all times of the year, and there are plenty of fish to catch as well. But from time to time a traveler might visit, sometimes by boat, and sometimes by climbing over the sharp-topped mountains between the numberless valleys. As you may suppose, because of the difficulty of distant traveling, news from afar does not travel quickly on the Island of Plenty.

But I did hear a few years earlier about some new people from the outside, people who had landed on the…

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