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Boycotting Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
MK Yigal Guetta (Shas) put out an unusual, but very important, call to the public. I say "unusual" because this is not something I would have expected to hear from a Shas MK, but "important" because it is (assuming his information is correct).
boycotting perpetrators of domestic violenceGuetta put out a public call asking movie-goers and film lovers to boycott Johnny Depp after it has been revealed that for years he had beaten his wife.
True or not, I dont know - I have not been reading the gossip columns, so I don't know if these are accusations, suspicions, truth or whatever. If this is true, Guetta is making an important request of the public.
Either way, perhaps Guetta's call should apply not just to movie actors who are violent to their spouses, but to anyone who is violent to his (or her) spouse. And anybody who violates sexual crimes, such as pedophilia and molestation. Why just boycott movie actors - we can and perhaps should, boycott anyone who is violent like that. I would include teachers, rebbes, rosh yeshivas, mashgichim, and anyone else.
With a few recent cases becoming public knowledge of important Haredi leaders involved in such cases, will Guetta expand his call, or is it only the violence of movie actors that concerns him?
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