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Box Office Predictions: ‘X-Men’ To Topple ‘Godzilla’

Posted on the 22 May 2014 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

1) X-Men: Days Of Future Past- 105M 3 Day Weekend, 105M Total

The big question this weekend isn’t if X-Men will break 100M, it’s when. The big budget sequel is sure to be the top draw this weekend, and reviews are helping sell it to even the most skeptical viewer. This is the merging of the two X-Men teams, and it will lead to the biggest X-Men opening ever. The question though is whether or not X-Men will need Memorial Day to cross the threshold. I’m betting No. Godzilla left audiences divided, and the other movies that are doing well are comedies. I’d expect X-Men to leave a huge mark this weekend. X-Men: The Last Stand managed 102M in 2006. This will edge that out.

2) Godzilla- 35M 3 Day Weekend, 156M Total

Godzilla will drop probably 60% this weekend. X-Men is directly targeting the same demo, and not everyone loved Godzilla. It’ll have a similar trajectory to Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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3) Blended- 30M 3 Day Weekend, 30M Total

Sandler is still a huge draw. Even with typically awful reviews, Blended will still do well. He doesn’t have the benefit of his hoard of Grown Ups co-stars, some of whom are bankable in their own right. He just has Drew Barrymore, who isn’t bankable anymore. Her last starring gig to open above 10M was Music and Lyrics in 2007. Above 20M? The last time she was with Sandler: 50 First Dates. She doesn’t add much to the equation, though they’re hoping this film will remind everyone how great Sandler was with Barrymore in 50 First Dates and The Wedding Singer.

4) Neighbors- 16M 3 Day Weekend, 116M Total

Seth Rogen’s comedy won’t drop 50%, probably another 40-45% this weekend (even with Blended). Blended will get more families, Neighbors will still target the adult comedy crowd (which in some markets now has Chef as an option too).

5) The Amazing Spider-Man 2- 8M 3 Day Weekend, 186M Total

Another 50% drop is in store, as X-Men will pull the comic book audience.

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6) Million Dollar Arm- 6.5M 3 Day Weekend, 20M Total

It’s unlikely to drop 50%, but with no one talking about Million Dollar Arm, a drop of 40% is likely.

7) The Other Woman- 4M 3 Day Weekend, 78M Total

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8) Heaven Is For Real- 3M 3 Day Weekend, 87M Total

9) Chef- 2.5M 3 Day Weekend, 3.5M Total

Chef expands into almost 500 screens this weekend, and should crack the Top 10.

10) Rio 2- 2.5M 3 Day Weekend, 121M Total

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