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Box Office Predictions: ‘Spectre’ To Hold #1

Posted on the 12 November 2015 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

Not a lot of competition for Spectre or Peanuts this week. Two adult aimed movies open, one hoping to cash in on the holiday season, and the other to cash in on an actual real life story. Love The Coopers has a solid ensemble cast, but no A-listers. It should do OK, but a review embargo isn’t promising. Usually films that have no reviews when they open are awful. I’d be worried. The 33 isn’t getting great reviews either, which is odd for an “Oscar bait” film. It might catch a few eyes this weekend, but it’ll feel more like Burnt than Bridge Of Spies.

In limited release, the poorly reviewed By The Sea opens in 10 screens. I wonder if it will ever actually go wide.

1) Spectre- 35M Weekend, 140M Total
2) Peanuts- 28M Weekend, 82M Total
3) Love The Coopers- 10M Weekend, 10M Total
4) The 33- 7M Weekend, 7M Total
5) The Martian- 6.5M Weekend, 207M Total
6) Goosebumps- 4M Weekend, 72M Total
7) Bridge Of Spies- 3.5M Weekend, 62M Total
8) Hotel Transylvania 2- 2.5M Weekend, 165M Total
9) Burnt- 1.5M Weekend, 13M Total
10) The Intern- 1.2M Weekend, 73M Total

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