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Box Office Predictions: A Notoriously Awful Weekend Gets Worse

Posted on the 28 October 2015 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

When last weekend’s #1 film was three weeks old heading into a notoriously slow weekend (Halloween is on Saturday of all days), one has to wonder if anyone is planning on heading to the movies this weekend… at all?

Two major Hollywood stars are looking at having two of their worst opening weekends. Call it the curse of All About Steve. Both Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper star in films that have not been getting good reviews, and are getting dumped on this weekend. Also, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse has the same release issue that plagued Paranormal Activity, with many chains refusing to carry the film due to a shortened VOD window.

Outside of the Top 10, if you didn’t catch Rock the Kasbah or Jem and the Holograms last weekend, I suspect this weekend might be hard to catch them. If they’re retained at all (most major releases have a two week minimum commitment), they’ll be on maybe one showtime each. Both films had two of the worst wide openings of all time. Jem actually has the 4th worst all time for a film in at least 2,000 screens, with Kasbah following close behind in 5th.

1) The Martian- 10M Weekend, 180M Total
2) Goosebumps- 10M Weekend, 57M Total
3) Our Brand Is Crisis- 8M Weekend, 8M Total
4) Bridge Of Spies- 7M Weekend, 43M Total
5) Burnt- 6M Weekend, 6M Total
6) Hotel Transylvania 2- 5.5M Weekend, 155M Total
7) Last Witch Hunter- 5M Weekend, 18M Total
8) Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse- 4.5M Weekend, 4.5M Total
9) Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension- 4M Weekend, 14M Total
10) Steve Jobs- 4M Weekend, 15M Total

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