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Borracho - Splitting Sky

Posted on the 08 September 2011 by Ripplemusic
Borracho - Splitting SkyCalling Borracho's debut Splitting Sky  'heavy' is like saying Heddbuzz 'enjoys' stoner rock. It's a severe understatement. This album is an epic, earsplitting fuzz-fest and it's certainly in my top 5 releases of 2011 so far. It might even be my #1. We'll see.
'You can't go wrong with Borracho. One of my favorite new bands,' I told Racer when he asked what I thought of the D.C. rockers. Of course he already knew I was a fan and probably had the album, too. He was right. I didn't tell him but honestly, I was as excited as a puppy during playtime when I learned I could give my opinion of Splitting Sky in writing. I think I peed just a little bit.
Borracho and Splitting Sky are looming large above the current landscape and distant horizon of stoner rock, in my opinion. Others may want to seek shelter. Torrents of powerful vocals and illustrious lyrics pour down while thick bluesy riffs, waves of booming bass and thunderous drums merge to form a massive musical supercell. Get the picture? Splitting Sky is a friggin' F-5, people. It's an 8-song rock typhoon that will flood your senses and knock you on your ass.
Think I'm not dead serious? Never take a storm warning lightly.
The first 2 are the only tracks under 6 minutes. "Redemption" literally startles me in a millisecond, as a thunderclap would, it's so loud. This rock instrumental (1:36) is a sign of the devastation to come. It's not gonna let up and it'll be one hell of a ride. "Concentric Circles" arrives with a bang, too, with a great beat and rhythm. 'One shot it's over....' Ya damn right. It was for me. A jaw-dropping moment, like seeing a tornado in person for the first time.
Borracho have exactly the guitar sound I love. Dead-on. Hell yeah.
"Bloosucker" has the wah and the crunch, with a great groove. Amazing solos. A thick bass line and a rattle greet you in "Grab the Reins". This song's over 11 minutes long. Blues rock and doom-laden sound to much of it, i think. "All In Play" (8:23) starts with one of my favorite riffs on the album and has some great lyrics too.
"Never Get It Right" reminds me of an old 'Chains song in the beginning. I'm thinking this is gonna be the eye of the hurricane that is Splitting Sky. When things are gonna calm down for a while and I can catch my breath and survey the damage. But I can only rest for a few minutes. A commanding riff march tells me there's much more wreckage to come.
"Grinder" just chews you up and spits you out. Super fuzzy southern guitars here that makes me move. Memorable chorus. Jeez this band is awesome. I'm almost at a loss for words.
"Plunge/Return" is saved for last on Splitting Sky. Could be my first pick though. It's more of the same musically but there's just something about it to me. Plus it's the longest (11:36) so there's more for me to enjoy.
Here's some history on the band taken from their Facebook page:
"The band took root in 2007, when four friends and bandmates set out to create a side-project that would indulge the heavier side of their musical tastes, and challenge their musicianship in new ways. The idea for Borracho was to create a straight-up stoner rock band to feature the vocals of Assrockers drummer Noah. In order to move him out from behind the kit, Adam West/Assrockers lead guitarist Mario moved onto the drums, an instrument he’s dabbled with for years. Adam West bassist Steve picked up his trusty flying V and like a riff machine, began unleashing material that quickly grew beyond the bounds of any one genre, probing further and deeper than his prior musical pursuits and, indeed, than the current group’s expectations. Assrockers rhythm guitarist Tim filled up the critical low end on bass, and the final piece was in place."
Borracho are here to stay and they're firmly planted in my forecast for stoner rock. I can't wait til the skies darken and another crushing release rolls in from the east.

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