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Born Of The Caul/Real Or Not?

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Comment To Miss LaToya

Born Of The Caul/Real Or Not?

From Bianca on The Trials And Truths Of A Caulbearer 

You said you can tell which of us are really caulbearers. I’m here now and I don’t want to write down my life story I just need your help who ever you are.

Born Of The Caul/Real Or Not?


Yes, I can tell who’s real and who is not. I’ve always been a good judge of character and knew who was a fake and a phony.

I could always sense things about people and things that other people couldn’t sense even if the truths and revelations took a long time to come out and to be made known to those that were oblivious I just have had that ability all throughout my life.

At times I have been blunt about it and sometimes I have shown diplomacy it all depended on instance, tendency and mood.

However, sometimes I will just let some make a fool out of themselves while at the same time educating or confirming and/or encouraging and supporting those that are genuine.

I’ve had plenty of people contact me online and a few with deliberate nonsense, lies and exaggerated stories even in an attempt to mimic similarities to what I have written about the details and truths within my own life which many do not actually comprehend the preternatural “happenings” and “occurrences” of the accounts and extent thereof within the content unless they have actually went through it themselves or at least have that “level of consciousness” or deeper understanding as some actually do.

Like I’ve acknowledged before on another post awhile back (some years ago) on my other blog, once in a while if I’m contacted by a perpetrator I’ll only respond to give answers to those who’ll stop along the way that are real and that will come across and read through my posts and the comments that people leave and my responses.

So while some are acting silly and obnoxious with bullshit that I don’t have any time for I use the opportunity to bring something positive and enlightening.

“Spirit” exercises itself through me and I love the energy that it brings and performs through my writing.

I’m here for those that are genuine and will be of help if I can and only if spirit allows me to.

And a little side note: Those of us born with the caul have a special energy about us that is indefinable and that certain people pick up on but can’t put a finger on it. All they can say is “There is something special about you”.


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