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Boris Berezovsky: The Archetypal Oligarch

By Stizzard
Boris Berezovsky: The archetypal oligarch The Kremlin will need to find someone else to demonise

IN A Russian film, “The Oligarch”, the alter ego of Boris Berezovsky escapes death and returns to Moscow in a cavalcade of limousines with flashing lights, looking for more adventures. The life of the real Berezovsky, a renegade oligarch exiled to Britain, ended on March 23rd on a bathroom floor of his house in Ascot. He was said to be depressed, financially ruined—and desperate to return to Russia.“There is nothing I want more than to return to Russia…I lost the meaning…I am 67-years-old and I don’t know what to do next,” he told a journalist from the Russian-language edition of Forbes, an American publication, a day earlier. According to the Kremlin, Mr Berezovsky had recently written a repentant letter to Vladimir Putin, whom he had helped to become president 13 years ago and who had kicked him out immediately afterwards.The cause of his death is unclear. A bodyguard who discovered Mr Berezovsky said the bathroom door was locked from the inside. There was no sign of struggle or forced entry into the house, the police said. The post-mortem examination showed…

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