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Booze Review – Boardroom Spirits Nocino

By Boozedancing @boozedancing
Boardroom Spirits

In early December, we received an email from Food Shelter PR asking if we were interested in reviewing a Nocino made by the fine folks at Boardroom Spirits. Given our willingness to always try something new, we, of course, said yes.

For those that aren't familiar with Nocino ( for the record, we've only reviewed one version), below is some information about the Boardroom Spirits version:

The team at Boardroom used their Hungarian family's recipe as a take on this hard-to-find in the US, Italian walnut-based liquor...
  • Base alcohol: Carbon filtered vodka and barrel-aged grape brandy to add complexity and barrel character
  • Core ingredient: Green walnuts from Haag Farms in California
  • Secondary ingredients: Blend of "proprietary" spices based off Zsuzsa Palota's (a co-owner of the distillery's) family recipe in Hungary that they've adapted for their own
  • Process: Primary infusion is then diluted down with water and sugar and finished with Wild Clover Honey to create a rich, flavorful and complex liqueur
  • Suggested uses: Aperitif, digestif, as a substitute for Amaro in cocktails, or to amp up whiskey or brandy cocktails

It sure sounds like Boardroom Spirits has created a versatile and complexly flavored spirit, and given our past experiences with their products, we went into our tasting of this seasonal Boardroom Spirits with high hopes. To find out if this concoction lived up to our expectations, click play on the following video:

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