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Boon Kriek

By I Think About Beer @ithinkaboutbeer
Boon Kriek

(Picture from http://www.boon.be)

Boon Kriek is Brouwerij Boon‘s entry level kriek.  Of the 3 Kriek beers Boon makes, this one uses the youngest Lambic.  When the Lambic reaches six months old, they mix in 25% black cherries.  The fruit sparks a secondary fermentation.  The beer is then clarified, filtered and bottled.  As with all Boon products, there are no artificial colors or flavors added.  The beer is simply Lambic and cherries.

Appearance: “black” cherry (like bing cherry skins) red, pink head with good retention.

Aroma: Bing cherry, chocolate notes, and light tart lemon zest.

Taste:  Chocolate and cherry.  Lightly tart with a a light cherry finish.  ”Fresh” cherry is very present.

Overall Impression: This is a really nice entry level Kriek.  If you’re wanting to convert someone from wine to beer, this would be a good option.  It’s balanced, enjoyable, and approachable.  I suggest you serve it at a slightly warmer temperature.  Refrigerator temperatures will tend to mute the flavors too much.  This beer will pair really well with most deserts such as plain cheesecake (avoid cherry deserts as the compounding can sometimes be too intense).  It will also work well as a cooking ingredient.  This is another enjoyable fruit beer option for spring and summer sipping.

Availability: Boon is imported by Latis Imports.  Bottles should be available wherever Latis brands are sold.

4% ABV

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