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By Elliefrost @adikt_blog

how to wear boyfriend jeans grey sweater
boyfriend jeans and grey sweater, how to wear boyfriend jeans
chicken bacon and avacado sandwich on ciabatta bread
how to wear white stilettos grey sweater from zara

Photos : Sophie
Boyfriend Jeans : Vintage Levis // Top & shoes: Zara // Satchel : Thrift // Sunnies : H&M

I took a break last week and went to see my family and friends in the English country side. Originally I’m from Tunbridge Wells, a cute little country-side town not too far from London known for its springs (hence the wells) full of iron goodliness, it tastes disgusting. Apparently it cures hangovers, but I never tried.
So here I am in front of a lovely little second hand book shop in the old part of town. I went for a ladies what lunch with my long time bestie from school, Sophie. There’s this lovely little sandwich place that we go to every time we’re back down. Sooo yummy!!

So I went for something a little casual, after all we’re in a country side town! But still I went for the white heels purely because I packed like an idiot and bunged any old thing in my bag not really thinking about what I was doing and the English summer being more like a warm spring. I love traveling but damnation I hate packing! I always forget or lose something, and I usually forget a toothbrush. I lost my headphones this time. No point complaining, I just have to accept that I’m a total ditz when I travel.

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