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By Erika Brechtel @smallshopstudio

Recent reads to hit the screens

I’m very fortunate to have met some really amazing women here, many of which are in a Book Club together. One of us volunteers our house for the meet up (ahem, I have yet to host one!) and we all chip in with food and of course, multiple bottles of wine. This weekend we are going to see a book club selection from last summer, Sarah’s Key, so I thought I might talk up some of our recent reads-turned-movies.

Book/Movie Club: Sarah's Key

Sarah’s Key
Really enjoyed this book, even if the heroine bugged me at times with her seemingly selfish prying. Kristen Scott Thomas and Aiden Quinn star in this story about a young girl that gets separated from her family during the Paris roundup of Jewish families in Nazi France. Tear-jerker alert!
Book: Couldn’t put it down
Movie: Promising!

Book/Movie Club: Water for Elephants
Water for Elephants
Kudos to the author of this book, as she did a creepily excellent job of painting a detailed picture of the Depression-era circus circuit, and from the perspective of a grouchy old man. I was bummed that I missed seeing the movie with my gals, and still haven’t seen it. Have you? Reese looks amazing and I still think Cedric Diggory is kinda cute, but I have a feeling Rosie the elephant stole the show.
Book: Interesting, vivid
Movie: I hear it was “meh”

Book/Movie Club: One Day

One Day
Really enjoyed the book and the concept — one day each year in the lives of two people over 20 years — and was so impressed at the writer’s innate understanding of the two characters’ complex and opposite personalities. Not thrilled with the casting in the flick however, as Anne Hathaway’s British accent in the trailers is tragic (as much as I do like her), and the male lead is just not attractive enough in my opinion to be properly afflicted by his hotness. Jury’s out on this one.
Book: Must-Read
Movie: Hmmmm….

Book/Movie Club: Something Borrowed
Something Borrowed
I was late to the game on this one, having just recently read the follow-up, Something Blue. From what everyone tells me, the movie was well-done and true to the book. I don’t think it really matters anyway because I’m completely blinded by actor Colin Egglesfield’s beauty. I would watch this again and again just to get to spend another 2 hours with him. ;o)
Book: Entertaining
Movie: Delicious…

Book/Movie Club: Little Bee

Little Bee
Another good read, but I warn you, it’s upsetting. Beyond the story itself, the heroine’s actions frustrated the heck out of me. I don’t know if it’s because she was written by a man, or if it was intentional to convey Western society’s jaded attitude and naivety about the horrors that can exist outside of our bubble? Nicole Kidman as star and producer is promising. Haven’t yet heard when this one will open, does anyone know?
Book: Riveting, but hard to read
Movie: Will probably be hard to watch

Some other fave books turned into movies:
Harry Potter – so so well done.
Lovely Bones — can’t bring myself to see the movie, especially now that I’m a mom.
Devil Wears Prada – Meryl Streep. And Emily Blunt. (Couldn’t finish the book though; the whining drove me nuts.)
Lord of the Rings — taken to a whole new level. Excited about The Hobbit.
Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil — love this writer, wish they’d make a movie out of his book about Venice, Italy, The City of Fallen Angels.

What are some of your fave books-turned-movies? Any other book club selections you’d recommend?


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