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Book Review: No Strings Attached

By Healthytravelblog @healthytravel1

Book Review: No Strings AttachedTraveling alone is something that rarely crosses the average traveler’s mind. What’s the fun in exploring the world without a buddy by your side? According to Leslie Atkins in her book No Strings Attached: the Savvy Guide to Solo Travel, however, traveling solo can be the experience of a lifetime, and even better than traveling with companions.

Although the book is described as a “guide,” it really feels more like a memoir of Atkins’ travel experiences. She goes into great detail narrating the countless journeys and memories from her life on the road (and in the air). There are not many general tips for the reader to ponder over, but Atkins’ anecdotes allow the reader to feel as if she is chatting with a friend who just returned from a trip abroad. It is this humorous, yet informative, style that is very effective in portraying the positive aspects of solo travel.

While Atkins delivers with her witty dialog and hilarious stories, her lack of strong, documented evidence makes the reader wonder if her stories are truly credible. The book also has a very loose structure—there is a story about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro that is completely unrelated to the “Packing and Preparation” chapter in which it is featured. 

That being said, the vivid language and the enthralling narration of Atkins’ adventures really do display the fun of traveling solo.  There are many great destination ideas and stories that embrace the concept of wanderlust. This book is definitely useful for any first time solo traveler, as well as anyone wanting to read about the life of one serious explorer.

Author: Corrie Purvis
Corrie Purvis is a guest writer for the Healthy Travel Blog. She is currently a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech where she is majoring in both communication and international studies. Post-graduation, she hopes to work and live abroad while pursuing a career involving writing.

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