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Book Review: Long Time Coming By Edie Clarie

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

I have been reading quite frequently these days and wanted to share another great book with my followers.  I downloaded “Long Time Coming” by Edie Claire on e-book and I loved this book from the very start.  Joy decides to return to her hometown of Wharton when her father’s illness forces her to return.  She left the town of Wharton over 18 years ago, shortly after her best friend Jenny was killed in a horrific car accident just a few days after senior prom.  After graduation, Joy high tails it out of Wharton and goes off to college to earn her degree in Veterinary medicine.  She left town to get away from Jenny’s boyfriend, Jeff, who was driving the car when the car suddenly swerved into a telephone pole.

Long Time Coming Book Review
Joy always blamed Jeff for Jenny’s death and would have to face her fears when she runs into Jeff again, 18 years after Jenny’s death.  As Joy was shopping for a home in Wharton, she was shown a few houses in her price range that she could afford and the one that she choose to purchase was Jenny Carver’s old house.  Joy quickly moved into the her new home. Later that evening she got a call from her mother that her father wasn’t doing well and that she needed to come over as quickly as possible.  Joy hopped into her car and quickly made her way over to her parent’s house.  On her way over there, she accidentally runs over Jeff’s dog who bolted out in front of her car.  She is forced to face Jeff and he is frantic that his dog has been hit.

Thankfully, Joy, was a licensed vet and was able to repair the dog’s broken hip.  In fact, Jeff helped her perform the surgery.  Jeff’s dog, stayed at Joy’s house for a couple of days as he began to recoup.  One night during an awful nightmare, Joy found the dog on her bed trying to wake her up and comfort her from the awful dream.  Joy also discovers that Jeff is her dad’s doctor and she questions her parents why they would trust him to care for them.  Joy’s parents loved that Jeff would listen to them and respected their wishes and he was a great doctor.

As the story, progresses Joy finds that her house is haunted and learns that Jenny is trying to help Joy figure out the truth behind her death.  Joy begins questions Jeff throughout the story to determine how much he remember about prom and the accident.  Joy will find out the truth and will figure out why Jenny died.  In the meantime, Joy doesn’t get much sleep thanks to the nightmares that she continues to have.  And one night someone tries to light her house on fire, but she quickly was able to call for help and take care of putting out the small fire.  The police department tries to piece together the information to determine who was trying to kill her.

I don’t want to spill anymore of the story or give away any more details of the book.  I was drawn into the story and had a hard time putting the book down.  I hope that you will want to read this excellent book and find out what how Jenny really died in the car accident.    This was a heart felt story and it is hard to move on with the future if you never grieve or let go of the past.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this book review and the opinions in this review are my own.

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