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Book Review: Handful Of Fireflies by Bina Gupta

By Aprylskies @edgarandlenores
Book Review: Handful Of Fireflies by Bina Gupta“Handful of Fireflies” by Bina Gupta is in reality, an appealing handful of sparkling surprises etched onto pages.
With the seeming simplicity of a child, this charming and often Jabberwockian collection of Bina’s poetry is almost deceptive in it’s innocence and sweetness. As I read deeper into this book, I found myself reading along in an almost sing-song voice and was struck repeatedly by many of what Oprah Winfrey would call, “ah ha moments” when I realized the innate wisdom of Bina illustrated in Seuss-like terminology.
Bina’s real gift is that she is able to spark the interest of a reader with the quiet, innocent lure of lullaby lines such as

Evolving almost
Animated stuffed
Toys inanimate
Stories of travels
Time and beyond
All in the realm of
Possibilities, bud flowering
In tandem with eyes widening
Wonderment, small miracles
Flowering inscrutably, all the time
Tickling keen mind on eternal quest”
   (from Sea Song)
then grabbing and holding the reader captive, wrapped in gorgeous word threads such as—

“Flower’s beauty fading unnoticed
Acts of kindness in cloak of secrecy
Shining moments before oblivion
Falling tears dried
Hope’s flame rekindled
Rain kept on falling
She ironed the creases in her dress
Wondering about creases in her life”
   (from Shining Moments)
Along with her innocent simplicity, there is a fine elegance and wisdom to Bina’s writing that I personally feel has been overlooked and underrated by the students of the intellectually abstract or deep, murky philosophical poetry and writing that seems to be the trend these days. Much like a woman who has been raised in the shadow of a strikingly good looking big sister, and whom finally, when one stops and takes a second look, is found to be the real beauty in the family, Bina’s writing has been the little sister for far too long. I highly suggest stopping and taking a real long look; you're going to see where real beauty lies ...
 Buy it here, I think you're going to be very happy you did.

Handful of Fireflies
~Review by Alicia Winski

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