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Book Review : Come Rhyme With Me

By Cifarshayar @cifarshayar
Come Rhyme With Me is written by Mary Kunte and published by Virgin Leaf Books of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. Its a collection of poem written in simple rhyme. I have received this book from the publishers. 
Book Review : Come Rhyme With Me
Cover : By seeing the cover you got the feel that book has poems for children. I like the cover design because it is simple yet catchy for the readers. 
Content : Book contains poems written by poetess in different style and forms. It has twenty poems of VERSE & RHYME style, four poems in ACROSTIC POEMS category, eight poems for RICTAMETER, twelve HAIKU, one ONOMATOPOEIA style poem and four songs. In short it has almost all style of poems for the readers neatly arranged without creating any confusion for readers. It also describes what a particular type of poem stands for making it easy to understand for the readers. 
Comment : I like the idea of compiling different styles of poem in this poetry book. The poems written in simple rhyme have social messages, natural beauty, emotional bonds, imaginative situations and poetess's different thoughts expressed in a page, few sentences as in Rictameter or few lines as in Haiku. I liked many poems like Anger, Night, Life, Cornucopia, Alone, Bombay, Daughter, Sunset, Jai Hind My India, etc. Poetess's thoughts were clearly presentable and understandable. But these poems are too simple and flat for those who demand deep meanings, allegory, metaphors or sufi touch in the poems. There is no such poem which made you think about it. I would also prefer some pictures with poems perhaps this would increase reading pleasure. 
Verdict : There is no harm in reading it. Its short and you can read it in one go. 
Rating : I would give it 2.5/5 

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