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Book Promotion Day: 25th April, 2013

By Imagineer @ImagineerTeam

Due to the problem experienced during last week’s Book Promo Day, I am carrying forward the books from that day.

Talon, come fly with me Talon, come fly with me by Gigi Sedlmayer

The first novel of the Talon series.

Nine-year-old Matica lives in a remote little village on a dry plateau in the Andes of Peru. She moved here with her Australian missionary and schoolteacher parents when she was five years old. Ever since she could remember she faced cruel rejection because of her growth handicap. She is trapped in a body the size of a two year old. Because of that the local Indians wouldn’t accept her into their community or allow her to play with their children. Under the watchful eyes of her parents who understand her, lonely Matica explores the plateau for entertainment.
And so with patience and a sense of adventure she befriended a pair of condors and named them Tamo and Tima. A strong bond and love developed between them.

Having an egg, Tamo and Tima try to fight off a couple of poachers but they succeed in stealing their egg from its ledge. Eventually Tamo drives them away and the poachers leave the egg. Being unable to bring it back to the ledge, Tamo and Tima make it clear to Matica to take care of the egg, so she does.

Exactly on Matica’s tenth birthday, the condor fledgling ‘Talon’ hatches. The book then describes in detail how Matica helps Talon grow into the majestic bird he was meant to be.

Two months after confidently flying, the most unbelievably amazing thing happens.

This is the beginning of a time of incredible adventures with Talon and Matica, which is carried on in subsequent Talon books.

Recommendation in LinkedIn about my  series from:

Jay Miller has recommended your work as Talon, on the wing at Talon, come fly with.

Dear Gigi,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “Also being an author of children’s books myself, I was so taken in by Gigi’s first book, Talon, come fly with me. She is a wonderful writer that children will gain much understanding of love and respect for others from. I see now she has published two more books in the series which I am eager to read. Wonderful!”


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Panoptemitry_cover Panoptemitry by Sarah Baethge

With a goal as high and lofty as the unspecified pursuit of knowledge, there may not be a clear point at which to stop. Acting as one has been taught to can seem to hold just as much purpose as the actual reason for taking those actions. When the growth of technology begins to hold the same powers as religious doctrine has declared divine, does the simple recording of events become blasphemous? Who’s to say we even understand that ‘so-called’ divinity?

On a research mission to provide information for a great galactic computer network (called S.Y.M.A.C.), Emilija Lithuan and her assistants run up against the higher ranks of the Caytalan Church. The punishment that these religious leaders try to stick them with, could possibly have a greater effect than was ever intended.

When their escape saddles them with a famous outlaw, a careful reassessment of what is right and wrong can’t be avoided. How much of what is ‘common knowledge’ is even actually true?

And if it’s not, just how much perceived reality is built upon a lie?


$4.99 USD

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amazing-matilda-coversmall01 Amazing Matilda: A Monarch’s Tale by Bette A Stevens

Written and Illustrated by Bette A. Stevens


Inspire the kids in your life to meet challenges with patience and persistence!

Matilda becomes discouraged when she is unable to fly during the early stages of her metamorphosis. But, this ‘Amazing Monarch’ never gives up on her dream. Unlike her friends, Matilda doesn’t want to leap onto ledges or bound across fields, she only wants to fly. Matilda’s friends laugh at her because she doesn’t have any wings. They wonder: How can a creature without wings ever hope to fly? While Matilda progresses from egg to butterfly, her friends recall how they felt before they were able to do all of the things they had dreamed of doing. Encouraged by her friends, Matilda learns that if she keeps trying, she can do anything that she really wants to do.


Paperback $8.54 (SAVE 95 cents RIGHT NOW)
Kindle version $3.99

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GIVEAWAY Drawing ends April 27th. Author-signed copy) on author’s Facebook Page

Leon Opio - Vengeance Is Mine Vengeance is Mine by Leon Opio

Four people are trapped in four separate rooms. They are each responsible for the same crime and will endure their own private hell. Even though the Bible states, ”Forgive us the wrongs that we have done, as we forgive the wrongs others have done to us,” the one I own is missing those pages. As the day goes by and the night sets in, I smile at the thought of the truth my guests will endure but by the end of their journey, Vengeance is Mine.


Paperback $10.10
Kindle version $2.99

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Rhonda Patton - African Safari African Safari with Ted and Raymond by Rhonda Patton

Ted and Raymond go to Africa. They take a safari to learn new foods, new names, and interesting facts about the animals. Did you know that elephants can grow as tall as 13ft and weigh nearly 15,000 pounds. Your kids will love the pictures and learn too.


Paperback $7.99
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Cisi Wright - Hampshire House Hampshire House by Cisi Wright

Kate Brockett was raised in an orphanage, but nothing she ever learned there could have prepared her for her first position outside the Home. Lord Clayton Bingham had requested her specifically to come and be the governess to his nine-year-old twin boys, but why? She didn’t know him, didn’t know Hampshire House, knew no one this part of Leicestershire, so why was she going to this spooky place?

Tipton was the more than capable butler, with the wonderful Emma, the head cook, as his wife. Mrs. Hudson was the cold, heartless housekeeper. All of the maids and crofters showed the appropriate deference, but from the moment she arrived at the gatehouse of the manor house, someone had been trying to harm her, possibly kill her! Who could it be? Clayton? Mrs. Hudson? Someone from outside the manor house?

Surely it wasn’t Clayton! His amorous attentions after she twisted her ankle made her head spin, heart pound, and awakened feelings in her that she didn’t know existed, in spite of his hateful cousin, Felicia. Kate’s duties as governess were expanded to housekeeper when Mrs. Hudson was discharged, and once she was gone, Kate thought she was safe. Until the attempted rape by parties unknown, and the fire in her bedroom, and…


Paperback $14.50
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