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Book Promo Day: 21st November, 2013

By Imagineer @ImagineerTeam

Welcome to BOOK PROMO DAY, here are another 5 great entrants for you to enjoy as follows:

The Traveler in Black and White by Jemima Pett


The fourth book in the series takes us back to Castle Hattan. Lord Mariusz, peeved by being cast as the villain in the first book, attempts to set the record straight. He narrates, in his own Humphrey Bogart fashion, how he found the time tunnel, and his adventures when he started to exploit the business opportunities he found on the other end. Fom his first morning at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness, where he has introduced himself as Hugo del Novo, he feels a strange disorientation. What is going on in this world? The papers are twelve years out of date, they speak with a strange accent, and write dates the wrong way round. The barkeeper’s cute hyperactive son tips him off as to the best stagecoach to take to start exploring, and then his troubles really start. Trouble could have been Hugo’s middle name. Murder, vampires, dodgy business people, secret agents… Mind you, he attracts beautiful females, too. And all the while he’s just trying to work out how to sell his drinks. An exciting adventure with a charming protoganist, this book is suitable for readers aged 12 and upwards. Now out in paperback!


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Essenced (The Division Chronicles: Book One) by Connie L. Smith


Years ago, demons were forced out of the earth’s realm by a band of supernatural fighters, banished from the place and its people in the aftermath of a horrific war. It should’ve ended there – would’ve – if not for the final demon’s claw snagging on the open portal. What felt like victory became only a reprieve, the winning warriors understanding that the tear would spread, and the demons eventually would escape exile. It was only a matter of time, and a need for future defense – a question of genetics and essences, magic and power.

Now, centuries later, a new army must bind together – one of teenagers with inhuman potentials and abilities…

AJ went to bed Sunday night an average teenage girl, clumsy and athletically lacking. So when she wakes up Monday morning with super-strength, she does what any rational person would do: She goes into denial. When a smoking hot guy in a suit shows up, rambling about the end of the war and demons spilling through some kind of rift, she refuses to listen, telling herself he’s insane. Except weird things just won’t quit happening, and the guy keeps popping up in her life, trying to explain the changes suddenly happening within her. Is she crazy, or is this guy… not so crazy after all?

Division by Karen A. Wyle


New technology, new choices . . . but who gets to choose? Conjoined twins Gordon and Johnny have never let their condition keep them from living full and fulfilling lives. Gordon looks forward to many years of closeness and cooperation. Johnny, however, faces their future with increasing restlessness, even dread. When the boys are in their teens, the new technologies of accelerated human cloning and brain transplants are combined into a single medical procedure — Transplant to Clone, or TTC. Someone whose body has suffered such extensive damage as to make normal life impossible may — with court approval — be cloned and then given a brain transplant into the clone body. With Gordon’s unwitting assistance, Johnny realizes that the TTC procedure provides the chance he had never dared to hope for — the chance to live in a “normal,” separate body. But Gordon considers their conjoined life a blessing, rather than a curse. He has no intention of accepting separation — not without a fight . . . . Division, like Wyle’s earlier novels, uses original settings and situations to explore universal themes: the complexity and intensity of family relationships, the nature of individual identity, and the far-reaching effects of the choices we make.

The Showing by Will Macmillian Jones

The Showing

The Showing: the first of my paranormal works. A classic story of a haunted house, but with a little twist: lots of the story is based upon real events, in my own life. Based on more of a true story than you might wish to believe. It was a house Mister Jones knew from his childhood, his grandparents’ house, a house that everyone in his family feared, a house with a tangible sense of evil seeping through its walls. However, when he saw that it was up for sale yet again, Mister Jones couldn’t resist visiting it one more time, so he contacted the agent and arranged a showing. Throughout the visit he sensed the evil re-emerging and, sure enough, after he left, the agent was nowhere to be found. When the police interrogated Mister Jones, it was obvious that he knew more than he was telling. What kind of evil was inhabiting the house and what part was Mister Jones playing in its plan? Available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle, it is a highly regarded horror story.

Catskinner’s Book by Misha Burnett


Catskinner’s Book is the story of James, a shy young man who wants to live a quiet life, and Catskinner, the diabolic alien intelligence who lives in James’ head. It is a science fiction/fantasy adventure set in a strange and unique world that looks like our world, but conceals an underworld of alien minds that twist human beings to suit their own purposes.

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