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Bonkers Lifestyle - Round 1

Posted on the 25 September 2012 by The Contender @The__Contender
Bonkers Lifestyle - Round 1
Round 1 - The Rookie  – steps up to the ring – what is he letting himself in for?

A quick generalization of middle class life (And MUFF mistakes):

Early Years (Creche)

Both adult's work to pay the bills (fairly new phenomenon). Stressed, extremely busy ever wonder why? The government needs its workers to pay the taxes for its largess (they know how to spend our money……). So baby is placed in care of a creche looked after on an initial 1:3 then 1:6 ratio of career to child relationship instead of a 1:1 relationship with a parent or grandparents. Generally parents had to move away from home to get a “good” job so grandparents and children miss out. “Love\Care" provided by someone else other than the parents. The child is already being indoctrinated into the system.
MUFF was fortunate to be brought up by his mother however we had handed over our first child to the creche at 9 months old - were we doing the right thing?

Early Years Education (Primary School)

Bonkers Lifestyle - Round 1Take a group of children that are all the same age place them in a room doing thesame activities. (good that they are getting the basics but are we helping the next Einstein?)
How Children Fail - John Holt
MUFF cannot remember much about early years education only that I moved countries and fitting in was a big challenge for me. I was sport mad learned how to read and write (badly!). Generally spent my time kicking a ball around and messing around on my commodore 64 personal computer - cool new gadget.

Mid Years Education (Secondary School)

Now lets place the same group in a room for an hour to absorb information and learn how to regurgitate. Ring a bell then move into another room and repeat. No time provided to actually learn, master and question the subject but perfect for obedience to the bell.
How Children Learn - John Holt
MUFF was immersed in lots of subjects in school but was still more interested in kicking a ball around. I was still poorly read but excelled at maths and sciences which I studied in college. I still had no idea what adult life was about and was generally a normal irresponsible teenager. The money I had was from some door to door sales. The little money this generated was all spent on games, magazines and food.

University Years

Now we have them in the system and are carefully crafting them into the perfect corporate employee: Obedient worker bees who do not question what they are doing but are excellent at repetitive complex work.
Let's now get them in debt up to their eyeballs. Easy credit and student loans - don't worry you will be a CEO before you know it on millions per year.
MUFF fell into the University trap - it is primarily to have a good time before having to GROW UP. boy was I still so immature. Party, Party, Sport, chasing girls and fun was the activities of the day week. The only saving grace is that I chose a difficult but interesting degree in chemical engineering. Graduated with a modest amount of debt - ticked the first important student loan debt box (£7K).

Early work years

Now I have managed to get a job working on the corporate ladder. 80+ hour weeks. Out of hours time is spent reading management books \ material trying to work out how to get promoted quickly and that pay rise you dearly need. You learn all about on self-promotion and learning whose arse to kiss.
Purchase a new car (on credit), bachelor pad, expensive suits before you know it the large student debt has exploded.…. But all is fine I will be a vice president on big $$$$ in no time what so ever.
You are now fully into consumerism. You are bombarded with the message that consumers are doing this buying that - everyone is a consumer, you are part of the crowd, do your part for the economy. To get through the day you need your frothy fatty coffee in the morning, entertainment in the evening with cinema passes. All planned on an expensive mobile organizer with lots of free minutes and free data on your mega $$$ plan each month. To relax you need expensive holiday to the Maldives.
Add in special occasions - stag weeks away, weddings, Mother’s and Father’s Days, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays etc… Spend Spend Spend. Hang on a minute why wont my salary cover all of this? What is this saving the old folks talk about? No one in education and close friends ever talk about saving and how to pay for all of this. For some reason talking about income and how you pay for things are TABOO!
After swift right to the head and a jab to the ribs you realize you are on the hook to the BANK!
MUFF straight out of university got his first job. I needed a car and the bank was offering a "cheap" graduate loan that was a "once in a life" time opportunity! £12K in new debt added. Anyway MUFF had a new job. MUFF was going to be rapidly promoted in to pay for it - sucker. MUFF was part of the herd, a good little consumer and debtor. I was still having a great party time though.

Mid work years and mid-life crisis 

Where is that illusive promotion to be a manager wait a bit then a bit more – company is re-structuring so wait a bit longer and work harder and longer to be noticed. FINALLY GOT IT - WON ROUND 1!
Promoted – new car, larger house – where did all that extra income go? What do I have now – subordinates (you are still one). How to control them to do the bidding of the corporation? You have to work even harder on your influencing skills and subordinate performance appraisals. At the same time you must keep them in check and wave the carrot – one day you can be like me (overworked for little more pay).
Work harder to that retirement age - but if you stop you wont belong anymore work longer it is fulfilling.

MUFF met his wife to be changed to a new more demanding job and moved to London. This is where we started to wonder what life was all about. Car loan and student loan paid off and saving (after 5 years of work) started for the wedding. Quotes for the wedding were anything up to £20K, that sucked. 5 years to pay off around £20K in student debt and a car loan and were were with the help of the family going to spend all that money on ONE day! We asked ourselves what the **** were we doing and where were we going........Wedding was dramatically scaled back (number of guests) then a child was on the way.
Is this really the best we could come up with after thousands of years of human endeavor? We churn out bright, eager adults from the education system. They know how to churn out facts and figures but have no idea of how to work it out from scratch. We place them in work cubicles and get them to do repetitive tasks all day long over and over. We are better that that and are a hugely innovative species. Why are the people unable to work on what they  REALLY love and care for? Would we then have a happier workforce and significantly more innovation to move society forward fostering all of the entrepreneurs and companies of the future?
Next post MUFF learning the hard way, falling for the control trap (being part of the debtor herd) and what changed our course for the better.
Happiness and Fulfillment,
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