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Bone Marrow Donation: Be the Match

By Bluestalking @Bluestalking

Once a year or so I try to remember to put out a post about the importance of bone marrow donation, how it's not much more complicated than giving blood and how many lives it's saved.

I've been on the National Bone Marrow Registry for about a decade, though I've yet to be called up for donation. Since I'm over 40 now my chances of being called have dropped but I'm still there if needed.

I don't want to preach to you, just ask that you consider joining the registry. I probably wouldn't have thought to join if my daughter's best friend hadn't been stricken with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia when she was in second grade, if I hadn't seen what she went through. She had one bone marrow transplant and her doctors thought she'd eventually have to have another. So far, she hasn't.

Ellen's in college now, a sophomore studying to be a nurse. She's a tiny, pale young lady but her health - for now - is blessedly good.

Here's a short video about marrow donation:

If you don't wish to join the registry, would you consider a monetary donation?

I'm just asking that you give it a thought. So many people are suffering from life-threatening diseases and giving is, as I said before, easier than you probably think.

Thanks for "listening."

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