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Bone Broth Harissa Hummus

By Ally @allykitchen
Bone Broth Harissa Hummus

Bone broth harissa hummus is nutrient rich with a kick of spicy and creamy! So many ways to use it! The perfect spread or dip! No cooking!

Best Hummus Recipes

I never knew what real hummus tasted like until I went to Israel. Standing on a street corner in Tel Aviv along with my other friends who were part of Taste of Israel, we experienced real authentic hummus.

It was warm, it was creamy, it was ethereal. We all were like hungry little' piglets dipping torn pieces of warm flatbread into the several bowls we had. I also learned that it was pronounced 'hoooooo muss'.

Hummus Ingredients

Hummus ingredients are few but critical. You want to have the basics of the garbanzo beans or chick peas. And, you'll need your tahini!

But, I'm adding some extra nutrients by using the chicken bone broth. And, there's none better than Kettle & Fire.

Flavors of Hummus

Flavors of Hummus vary. Most probably are savory. But, why not have a hummus flavor that has a subtly sweet twist like my Pineapple Serrano Hummus!

That's what you're going to get with this hummus that's been made by so many people, And, the results and reviews are all the same. It's out of this world!

However, with this bone broth hummus, I wanted to keep it savory. So, I added one of my favorite spice mixtures, harissa!

Best Hummus

Probably what makes this a best hummus is the fact that it's more nutrient dense with the bone broth. And, you have a fabulous 'kick' with the harissa seasoning mixture.

Healthy Hummus Recipe

Hummus is in general is really healthy and made with fine ingredients that probably for most of us, good for us!

By adding the bone broth, we're getting more protein and collagen into the mixture. Plus, it's more flavorful, I think. You do need some liquid and some tend to add some of the broth from the garbanzo beans, whether canned or cooked from scratch, so this is a nice addition.

Bone Broth Harissa Hummus
Bone Broth Harissa Hummus

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