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Bombarded With Cyber Monday Emails?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Do you love getting Cyber Monday emails? Or are you just bombarded with Cyber Monday emails?
Bombarded With Cyber Monday Emails?
I love getting some emails on the days leading up to Cyber Monday. I already have taken advantage of a special offer from Origins and I am looking at others from LLBean and Lands End. Many of the other emails I just delete. 
Bombarded With Cyber Monday Emails?
There was one retailer I unsubscribed from as I had a bad experience with them months ago. I had ordered some clothes and they sent just part of the order and never sent the other clothes of a matched set or gave a refund. I had a very hard time calling and emailing them. I never received an answer. I have an odd blue color top with no matching pants. I have learned recently that they filed Chapter 11.   I wonder why?
How often do you like to receive emails from your favorite online stores without being bombarded?

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