Bomb Blast: Sorrow Or Sympathy

Posted on the 31 October 2013 by Mayankkashyap
BOMB BLAST: SORROW OR SYMPATHYThe news of Patna bomb blast is trending in politics these days and why not! Eight bomb blast in a day that too when NaMo’s Hoonkar rally was going on is a solemn issue. Though the bombs were of low intensity but it managed to kill six, eight bomb blast and six deaths. Police fast tracked the investigation and held one accused, who claims to be a member of a terrorist group. Soon Patna police raided in Jharkhand and recovered similar bombs. So the story is all done.
Some terrorist plotted a plan in Jharkhand to hamper the rally, they transplanted the bomb on the center of the rally, Gandhi Maidan and BOOM BOOM BOOM, there were blast one after another but the new national hero NaMo like a lion came in front of the audience and addressed them just after half an hour of the blast in Gandhi Maidan.I feel the story has a lot of flaws and when I say a lot I mean a lot. So, can there be any other version of this story?In my opinion YES.Why a terrorist group would plant bombs of such low intensity. I mean if they wanted to hamper the rally, all they needed was just one good blast and the rally had been stopped and honestly they are very much capable of doing that. We all know it.One of the blasts held inside a washroom in platform no. 10 in Patna Junction which is quite isolated most of the time. So what was the need of that blast? And the rest of the seven blasts took inside Gandhi Maidan in seven different corners, where audience was not supposed to stand or sit as the proceedings was going on in the central end. Four bombs were planted in the audience’s area but not blasted. Isn’t it a miracle? After eight bomb blast honestly NaMo should have cancelled the rally, if not cancel then atleast he should have avoided his public addressing. Don’t you think a personality like NaMo or the official should have respected the security procedures? Even in the celebration of Republic Day or Independence Day PM/ President/ VVIP sits behind a bullet proof glass. But NaMo was all there with no such safety and most surprising part was that there was not a single bomb blast any where in Patna during his speech. I guess his speech was so good that even terrorists forgot to plant bomb.
My aim is not to blame anybody but may be, just may be it was a political stunt to get sympathy and presenting NaMo as a hero or may be it actually was a terrorist attack, who knows? But we just can’t simply ignore the facts.
By Mayank Kashyap

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