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Bollywood Disco Carnival @BarbequeNation

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Barbeque Nation has more than 60 outlets all across the country. The food available at Barbeque Nation is a perfect amalgamation of various genres of food comprising of Oriental, Mediterranean, American and Indian cuisines. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and dishes. The timings are 6.30 pm to 11 pm. Average meal for two will cost around Rs. 1,600.
Hrithik Roshan loves this famous fried Indian snack! Any guesses? #BBQNDisco #comefeastwithus #letscelebrate — Barbeque Nation (@BarbequeNation) December 25, 2015
During this festive season of Christmas and New Year, Barbeque Nation has come out with a unique and dazzling idea of celebrating it with Bollywood Disco Carnival. The carnival is jointly driven by none other than the person who introduced disco to Bollywood. Legendary music director and singer Bappi Lahiri, popularly known as King of Bollywood disco is the man behind designing the theme of ambience and nomenclature of the dishes for the carnival.
When there’s good food, awesome drinks & a rocking party: All at one place! #comefeastwithus at the #BBQNDisco fest — Barbeque Nation (@BarbequeNation) December 25, 2015

This is a right kind of tribute to the golden era of Bollywood disco, Bappi Lahiri, by naming the theme as Bollywood Disco Carnival. The carnival kick-started by Bappi Lahiri is running for the duration from December 18 to January 3.
Our Menu for the Disco Carnival:For Mysuru, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore & Mangalore. #BBQNDisco #comefeastwithus — Barbeque Nation (@BarbequeNation) December 24, 2015

The ambience and thematic dishes can be enjoyed at any of the 15 Barbeque Nation outlets in Delhi-NCR region. Besides this, it is also running at its outlets in Jaipur, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Mohali. Each of these locations has one outlet of Barbeque Nation. The entrance has been designed as a giant disco ball decorated with strobe lights to welcome the guests.
Ready Food-e-disco? Book a table to meet Bappi Lahri @ our Lokhandwala outlet @ 2PM & Bandra outlet at 7PM tomorrow! — Barbeque Nation (@BarbequeNation) December 18, 2015

The menu items have been renamed based on Bollywood theme. You can enjoy Bahubali Halwa – that is Gajar Ka Halwa during the normal period. Snaghmarmar Cheese is white chocolate cheesecake. Zubi Zubi Guchi Mushrooms is Mushroom Tikka, Exotica De Guru is exotic meats available in different sauces. Bol Bachan Fish is succulent Lahsooni Fish, Singham Prawns is a divine combination of garlic and prawns.
Get spellbound by this magical cocktail, Mithun Da Magic & get ready to groove on his epic disco songs. #BBQNDisco — Barbeque Nation (@BarbequeNation) December 24, 2015

Visit Barbeque Nation and enjoy Bollywood Disco themed ambience and food during this festive period.
Go back to the days of yore listening to your favorite hindi songs with a glass of Disco 82 in your hand! #BBQNDisco — Barbeque Nation (@BarbequeNation) December 23, 2015

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