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Boho Chic Wedding in Cyprus with Pampas Grass | Natalie & Jack

By Eleni Balkouli @Love4Wed

Boho chic wedding in Cyprus with pampas grass  | Natalie & Jack

Just excuse us while we do a double take of this beautiful wedding in Cyprus! Natalie and Jack’s wedding is the exemplification of romance with an abundance of pretty florals and pampas adding just the right amount of a bohemian flair. Enjoy every single detail through the gorgeous images captured bu Thimisy!

Captured by Thimisy.

boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_01 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_02

«We met 5 years ago in a local bar and got on really well, we both had similar interests. Jack proposed to me on 24th August 2020, on a private yacht in Turkey at sunset, it was beautiful and the most perfect proposal. I didn’t know anything about it, so it was a complete surprise.», the bride shared with us.

boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_03 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_04 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_05

«We opted for a contemporary, neutral, pampas grass and soft but slightly rustic decoration theme. We chose ivory and light pink flowers with pampas grass for our bouquets and button holes. Our decoration for the ceremony was simple but elegant, with lots of soft colours and pampas grass. We loved our wedding arch the most, which was very modern and created gorgeous photos.»

boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_06 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_07

«For the reception, we had stunning table arrangements on every table, including candles, we had a big light up ‘LOVE’ sign next to the dance floor. The reception venue overlooked the sea, so we didn’t feel like we needed too much decoration.»

boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_08 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_09 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_10 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_11

«Our favorite moments were saying our vows and also celebrating and dancing on the dance floor with all our friends and family.»

boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_12 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_13_1 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_14

I would recommend hiring a wedding planner with lots of knowledge and experience to ease some of the stress and pressure as planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. Also, make a list or a spreadsheet to help with planning.

natalie, bride
boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_15 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_19 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_20

«My wedding dress was called Franciose by Elysee which was a gorgeous fitted dress with lace detail and it was everything I wished for. It was light and airy which was great for the Cyprus sun and heat. The name of the dress was also a sign to choose this dress as it was my dad’s name in French (Francis) and my dad passed away in 2020.»

boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_21 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_22 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_23_1 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_24 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_25x boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_26 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_29 boho-chic-wedding-cyprus-pampas-grass_30

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