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Bohemian by Design - Layer Two: Furniture

By Rockmefabulous @RockMeFabulous

Bohemian by Design -  Layer Two: Furniture B ohemian design is based around freedom, warmth and art. It's an eclectic mix of color, texture and decoration. A sense of balance is needed when designing a bohemian room, because it's easy to create something that looks cluttered and messy. The key is to pick and arrange objects so every piece compliments the room and has a reason for being there. A bohemian room conveys your personality and allows you to express yourself through the colors and accessories.
Last week I talked about choosing the color for your bohemian space this week we are going to be talking about choosing your furniture. Don't be afraid to express your bohemian side and create beauty in your home decor. Whether you live in the city , countryside or a small apartment, we all need a little { pretty } in our hectic lives.
A true Bohemian room should look like it's been furnished over decades of globetrotting and a lifetime of creative scavenging,  it's not really about someone telling you how to make your room, but by doing whatever you want to your room that you feel looks good, and having a room that expresses your personality.
Incorporate thrift-store finds. Shop thrift stores and garage sales for interesting vintage furniture pieces, such as coffee tables, shelves, desks, headboards and dressers. Furniture that has a patina or slightly worn edges is perfect for adding a bohemian element to any room. Boho is a style in which used, mismatched furniture works, especially if the finish is imperfect. Look for pieces with stylish shapes and curves, ornate carvings or inlays. Look primarily for natural materials such as wood or metal-framed pieces. Bohemian by Design -  Layer Two: Furniture Bohemian by Design -  Layer Two: Furniture 
When looking for boho furniture head to the flea market or the antique mall, they may have an assortment of items that won't be found in big stores. Also check out yard and estate sales, and thrift shops for items with built-in age. You can also hand paint your furniture.
Furnish the space with a mix of different styles. A dark wood wardrobe that features ornate carvings can be coupled with a straight-backed velvet sofa. An aged trunk can be used as a coffee table. Avoid using matching pieces.
Just remember that bohemian style is a reflection of your personality so go with what you like. The elements and colors you use depend on your personal taste.
Bohemian by Design -  Layer Two: FurnitureBohemian by Design -  Layer Two: Furniture 
This concludes the second layer of Bohemian by Design. Remember to come back next week Thursday where we will be talking about the third layer to our Bohemian themed room...
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