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Bohemian by Design - Layer One: Color

By Rockmefabulous @RockMeFabulous

Bohemian by Design -  Layer One: Color Bohemian style evokes images of artists, gypsies, travelers, and hippies. Based on the Eastern European traveler gypsy aesthetic, Bohemian styles allows for a broad array of choices for colors, accessories and decorating accents. Decorating a bedroom, living room, house or apartment in Bohemian style allows for your own personal style and aesthetic to show through. Bohemian decor styles are appropriate for decorating on a budget, as you can easily integrate secondhand items and found treasures into your decorating.
I did a post already  called Bohemian Inspired Bedroom in which I just gave an outline of what to do to create a bedroom inspired by the Bohemian culture, but I was asked a long while ago by Michelle of Radiant Brown Beauty to do a more in depth explanation of Bohemian design. I'm sorry I took so long to get to this but I'm finally doing it. I decided to do the series called Bohemian by Design which will go live every Thursday.
We will build our bohemian themed room layer by layer starting with choosing the right color for your bohemian décor.
Bohemian by Design -  Layer One: Color As I said in the previous post color is very important to achieve the bohemian look, it's probably the most important part of the design because if you choose the wrong color but the right accessories its not going to work well. So colors considered "bohemian" are  either  the natural Bohemian "hippie" look of earth tones including deep browns, rust, brick, camel or sunny yellow, or more "gypsy bohemian" with magenta, gold, violet, orange and emerald. Avoid pastels, neons and shimmer paint colors. Another set of colors that you can find in many Bohemian style bedroom and interior design are lilac, ivory, rose and sage. Bohemian by Design -  Layer One: Color Bohemian by Design -  Layer One: Color
When choosing your colors decide on a broad palette depending on your mood or tone and find as many rich colors as possible that fit the guiding palette. For example, if you want to create a mysterious look, choose colors such as burgundy, midnight blue, inky black and hunter green. For a summery bohemian look, go with sage green, goldenrod, rosebud pink and powder blue. Deep shades are usually the best choice when selecting wall colors. For example, deep brown, burgundy, purple or blue could all be good choices. Bright colors should be generally avoided with this decorating style. For instance, although white would look too bright and out of place, a rich cream shade could work quite well.
This concludes the first layer of Bohemian by Design. Remember to come back next week Thursday where we will be talking about the second layer to our Bohemian themed room...Furniture.

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