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Bogus News Sites Making Big Money with Fake Views

Posted on the 01 December 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains
Sham News websites published a story on websites that are using well known names like Forbes and to make

The maker of the site actually replied back to the BBC and said it was a test to find ways of increasing search engine optimisation.

There are some other sites listed that seem to have a ton of page views. The BBC actually notified Google and they stopped allowing ads on some of these sites.

Another commenter went on to say that while they understand it’s a big job, Google has to do better.

From the article:

“We estimate each site is making at least $100,000 [£77,450] a month,” said Vlad Shevtsov, director of investigations at Social Puncher, the firm that exposed a number of fraudulent news sites. The organisation says ad fraud is a million-dollar industry.

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