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Bodybuilding Workout Routines

By Mia_patterson

Bodybuilding Workout Routines For Mass Muscle Building

Bodybuilding Workout Routines
There are many bodybuilding workout routines for mass muscle building, all of them have their uses and it is important to know which muscle building routines you can use. There are two great sayings in the muscle building world which are: "everything works, but nothing works forever" and "a workout is only as good as the time it takes your body to adapt to it".
These sayings are great and are fundamental to building muscle in the gym. Doing the same workouts, especially if you have been training for some months now, will not give great results, (this is maybe why you are reading this). Changing your muscle building routine every few weeks will ensure you keeping building muscle and do not have any muscle building plateaus. So let's look at some bodybuilding workout routines for mass muscle building.

Bodybuilding Workout Routines For Mass: Volume Training

Image: Graeme Weatherston / Volume training is probably one of the most popular and effective bodybuilding workout routines for mass muscle building. As the name would suggest, the workouts use a higher volume of training per muscle group, using rep ranges of around 8-15. The higher volume breaks down muscle tissue to promote growth and also gets a good muscle pump. Which some people argue is essential for building muscle.

Bodybuilding Workout Routines For Mass: Strength Training

Strength training is another fairly self explanatory style of training from the name. Strength training workouts are another great style of training as generally stronger muscles are bigger muscles. Just look at the size of some of the guys in strongmen competitions for evidence. Strength training can also give muscles a firmer denser look and feel, (providing that body fat levels are low enough). This is a fairly unknown fact as a lot of people think that doing high volume gets the "toned" look, most people are striving for.

Bodybuilding Workout Routines For Mass: Supersets & Tri-Sets Workouts

I have placed supersets and tri-sets workouts together because they are very similar. These are great bodybuilding workout routines for mass, as they can increase the intensity and density of your workouts. They are workouts were the exercises are performed back to back without rest. For example: a superset could be a set of barbell bench presses, followed by a set dumbbell fly's, then rest before doing another round of exercises. These style of workouts can help you through muscle building plateaus due to the complete change in intensity.

Bodybuilding Workout Routines For Mass: Density Training

Density training is a rather unused bodybuilding workout routine for mass, yet it can be very effective. The idea is to do more work in same (or less) time period and therefore increase the density of your work. One of the simplest ways to increase the density of your workouts is to reduce the rest periods between sets. Density training can be great for muscle building plateaus, as you do not have to increase the weight on the bar, because the reduced rest periods acts as a form of progressive overload.

Bodybuilding Workout Routines For Mass: High Frequency Training

High frequency training has received a lot of press in recent years and has earned its place among the best bodybuilding workout routines for mass. The idea as the name suggests, is to increase the frequency that you work a muscle group. This is subjective to what frequency you are doing at present, but a high frequency routine could be classed as around four full body workouts a week. The amount of work you do on each muscle is lowered for individual workouts, but the extra workouts increases the volume. The main saying here for your muscle is to "stimulate not annihilate".

Bodybuilding Workout Routines For Mass

Hopefully now you can see that there are many bodybuilding workout routines for mass muscle building. The workouts mentioned above are only a quick introduction to some of them. It is important vary your training style, not only for optimal muscle building. But also, it is nice to keep change your workouts to keep your interest and motivation up. You can look forward to fresh new training styles every week, while also packing on lean muscle.

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