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Blueair India Launches Sense, Aware and Blueair Friend for a Healthy India

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Blueair India launched its fresh range of products Sense+, Aware and Blueair Friend

Blueair India’s fresh, intelligent product range includes Blueair Friend app

Blueair India launches Blueair Aware air quality monitor and Blueair Sense+ air indoor purifier

Blueair India launches Sense, Aware and Blueair Friend for a Healthy India


Blueair India launched its new range of intelligent health and safety indoor products. The first product is Blueair Sense+ that is an intelligent indoor air purifier. The second product is Blueair Aware an intelligent indoor air quality monitor. And the third product is a Blueair Friend App for iOS and Android based smartphones. I met Blueair Founder and global CEO Bengt Rittri and Vijay Kannan, Head of Blueair India in person yesterday. I gave them two innovative ideas to think about when then launch their next product range. And both agreed that it was brilliant ideas to incorporate. The first idea was based on Government of India’s initiative about Smart Cities. I asked them to join hands with the Government of India for this drive and take it up as a business opportunity. Let the government of India be the project sponsors for funding the project. So far Blueair’s product range is indoor air purifiers and monitors. I suggested them to propose central government with a proper business case to launch heavy duty mobile air purifier vans for keeping cities air pollution free. These vans will roam around in the cities as high range outdoor air purifiers and air quality monitors. The second suggestion was for the health of younger kids. I suggested them to manufacture air purifier jackets, caps school bags, etc... to keep the environment clean around them when they are outdoors. I have a business case and business plan ready if required.

Blueair India launches Sense, Aware and Blueair Friend for a Healthy India

Blueair Aware

Currently, all products that are sold by Blueair India are manufactured in Sweden. Probably they should also think about the Make In India concept launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now about the products. Blueair Sense+ is quite an intelligent and inventive air purifier as compared to any other brand in the world. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and can talk to your indoor devices, thus catering to its concepts. The product consumes just 7W of energy and performs its heavy duty tasks in totally noise-free mode. The design is quite smart. This is a second generation air purifier in the true sense. It delivers pure air at a rate of 130 feet per minute that is almost 30% higher than any other product. Blueair Sense+ has an extreme ability to purify 200 sq ft (or 20 sq Mt) area in 12 minutes. The carbon filters need to be replaced every 6 months. It complies with all global regulations. Blueair Aware air quality monitor smartly senses all kinds of harmful airborne particles with their risk levels, CO2 level, humidity and temperature. The updates are delivered in real time on the smartphone via Wi-Fi and Blueair Friend App for Apple iOS and Android. The connected Blueair Sense+ device is controlled accordingly to maintain these levels under control.

Blueair India launches Sense, Aware and Blueair Friend for a Healthy India

Blueair Friend App

I appreciated Blueair India’s concepts and initiatives to build a clean and healthy India. What a fantastico approach it is.
Blueair India launches Sense, Aware and Blueair Friend for a Healthy India
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