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Blue Planet - Memory Planet - Dream Planet

Posted on the 17 January 2014 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Blue Planet - Memory Planet - Dream Planet

Water Planet © Colliemom

by way of introduction, let me just state this for the record, "I've just come off a one-hour Skype session with my mate Chad." We were talking about the SOUL EATING MACHINE. The what? Yes, according to 'Mr Oxygen' this machine projects horrific dreams into human sleeptime and 'feeds off our emotional reaction to them'. I mean, I'd love actual documentary proof that this machine really exists. And maybe one day he/she'll provide factual evidence that 'dreaming for and/or on behalf of our galactic neighbours' is a very bad i.e. very dangerous, thing to do. So, water... but first HIGH RESOLUTION DREAMING. Right, got that? Okay, so my contention (to Chad on Skype this morning) is that we OPEN a great-big high-resolution dream image, upon which an amendment is made before a CLOSE operation returns the data to memory. My initial idea was that this hi-res image was 'every dream we've ever had' and we should not see this process, or it'll affect our memory. The other thing is 'this image is far too high a resolution for just one mind' and this might be the TEMPLATE FOR ALL DREAMS in a kind of Jung wasn't wrong, he just called it a Collective Unconsciousness when it 'might be' called Collective Wetness. Collective Wetness? Well, yeah, didn't you notice? This is a WATER PLANET. Water in the seas, the lakes, the rivers, the sky. Alien Abuctees being shown nuclear doom imagery and being 'investigated in the stomach by water jet' technology. And we're mostly water, right? Moses and Pharoah and the parting of the Red Sea, real or dreamlike vision? Plus many UFO sightings are on or near water. Oh, and do you remember the cannibalistic comment, "Human meat is salty," well, so are our seas. Cheap pseudo-science connection has been achieved, Captain! The oceans are the memories of our ancestors. When we dream at night, we OPEN the Ocean of Knowledge that's been built up over the millennia. Add to it. Then CLOSE that ocean so that others can share our existence. And by 'other's I don't necessarily mean People of this Planet.
Our DNA then becomes 'the vessel' within which our part of water is carried around for our 'three score years and ten'. The Cup of Life. Made of scintillating star diamonds.
 Water is our intergalactic resource, because it's where our memories are stored?

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