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Blue Philosophy

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
It is obvious that these three photographs share the color blue, blue sky in two cases, blue shirt in the third. What is not at all obvious is that these photos were taken on the same day (though you could check the dates at Flickr) and that the spot from which I took the moon shot is within five or 10 yards of where I was standing when I photographed my friend. Both those vantage points are some hundreds of yards from where I shot the buds.
That background information is, I suppose, irrelevant, though true. Whatever the photograph, there is always going to be background information. The relevance of the information depends, of course, on the purpose and use of the photographs. The background I've given you on those photos is irrelevant to the reason I took them and even, in a way, to the reason I here display them. It is however most certainly of the point that these photos all betoken things of the ONE while yet betokening some OTHER ONE.
Hence the philosophy trailing the blue. In one case the far side of the moon. In another case the mind. And then there is the promise of future flourishing. All of the world, the cosmos.
And there is so much more blue.

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