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Blue Patterns in New Painting on Paper

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

I used a similar process in this new painting as in the two recent horizontal paintings I just finished, except this one is vertical and the color focus is on blues, aqua, lime and yellow.  I began with a quick background: drawing lines in yellow and brown, then brushing over them with a wet brush.

After the background dried, I drew circles beginning with yellow in the center and working my way out toward the edges from lime to aqua and blues, mixing up the colors ocasionally to avoid a rigid pattern. After filling in these circles, I let the painting dry.

Next, I drew patterned shapes from the center outwards, begining with aqua and working my way out from brilliant blue to cobalt, ultramarine, and prussian blues.  Using a gloss medium to mix the paint, I filled in the shapes. 

  Paper Block #9, 14" x 20" acrylic on paper.

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