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Blue and White Parking Details in Bet Shemesh

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Bet Shemesh residents have noticed and talked about the recent painting blue and white of curbs around the city. The blue and white paint indicates the spot is paid parking only.
This has created quite a buzz. Some are in favor, saying ti will stop people from parking all day and taking up spots and making it difficult to shop. Others are upset saying the Iryah found a new way to milk its residents for more cash to pay off its budget deficit.
In other cities around the world it seems to have been discovered that paid parking ends up sending a high percentage of shoppers to do their shopping in shopping centers and malls where the parking is free. I don't know if that will happen here, but I hope the shopkeepers around town don't get hurt by this. Overall I think it is a good idea, as parking in shopping areas around town have become very frustrating.
Here is the official announcement from the Iryah:
Blue and White parking details in Bet Shemesh
Paid parking will start on Elul 1, August 16, 2015.
The cost will be 4.2nis per hour, and will be payable via regular tickets, Pango and Cellopark. Parking is limited to three hours maximum.
People who live in affected areas and own a car are able to apply for a parking permit, unless the person lives in a place that has a separate area designated for residents parking.
The office running the parking issues is located in Neimi Mall in Bet Shemesh in the C building, and will be open Sunday - Thursday from 8:30 to 13:30.
The Iryah has also prepared new parking lots around the city, and will be establishing more.
I do wonder if the residents of the shopping center in RBS A will be able to get permits for free parking or not. On the one hand there are parking lots under the buildings that are designated for residents parking only - so that means they shouldn't get special permits to park outside. On the other hand, much of those lots have been rented out to stores - so maybe they still have an argument that there are not enough parking spots available and need the permits.
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