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Blowing Your Nose at the Kotel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
blowing your nose at the Kotel"which came first - the chicken or the egg?"
do Haredi activists and action seekers go down to the "Reform kotel" and fight with worshippers there because the Women of the Wall have been making their minyan at the Kotel or do the Women of the Wall make their disruptive minyanim at the Kotel because Haredim go down and disturb worshippers at the Reform Kotel?
When the WoW and other groups fight over the Kotel area they are told to go down to the area designated for them - the Reform Kotel as it has come to be known. When people use the egalitarian area the Haredim come down (sometimes) and ight with them and make trouble down there.According to TOI, dozens of extremists, though from the pictures they just look like regular Haredi people not like how we normally think of who the extremists are, went down to the egalitarian plaza and disrupted a bar mitzva in process calling the people names, blowing whistles and tearing up their siddurim.
The unique part of this story, that on its own happens often enough that it might not even be notable, is that one young man tore out some pages form a siddur and then used the pages to blow his nose. 
do they go there and provoke because they go there or do they go there and provoke because they go there? I dont know the answer to the question, but I am not sure it matters. You really have to go out of your way to go to the egalitarian plaza and bother people who you prefer do their thing there rather than at the main kotel plaza...

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