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Bloomberg, Experts Agree - Tough Gun Laws Equals Lower Crime

Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Mikeb302000
Bloomberg, Experts Agree - Tough Gun Laws Equals Lower Crime WSJ
In his nationwide effort for tighter gun control, Mayor Michael Bloomberg attributes historic crime lows in New York to strict gun laws that are strictly enforced. 
"If we are serious about protecting lives," he wrote in a recent newspaper editorial, "we have to get serious about enforcing our laws."
The National Rifle Association has dismissed Bloomberg's anti-gun campaign over the years as a publicity stunt and said last week that tighter laws would have no effect on public safety and crime.
But leading criminologists around the country say Bloomberg is right, for the most part. While acknowledging policing isn't the only factor in reducing gun violence, they cite the all-time low number of slayings in a city where most people are killed with guns.
It's interesting that the gun-rights folks say exactly the opposite. What do you think?
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