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Blood Etchings – Blood Etchings

Posted on the 14 December 2018 by Ripplemusic
Blood Etchings – Blood Etchings
Blood Etchings – Blood Etchings
For centuries, maybe even millenia, and across numerous civilizations, the power of blood has been recognized as magical and mystical. It is, of course, a necessary ingredient for millions of life forms on this planet. Blood has been and is still today used in rituals to bless, to curse, to bind, and as a source of power, a source of connection to things and beings unseen, a conduit to realms and experiences that most of us might choose to ignore. Those who give themselves to the power of blood must surely have a band such as this to provide the soundtrack.
Blood Etchings provide us with, to quote their Bandcamp page, “infernal tones and incantations”. They play a brand of black metal that is wholly given over to the absolute refutation and denial of religion. Some of the original roots of black metal are based in this refusal of Christianity especially. Black metal was born in the Scandinavian countries where an acceptance of Christian faith meant that those practioners forget the pagan ways and beliefs of their ancestors. Black metal arose in part as a rejection of these Christian beliefs.
If you think for a moment that Blood Etchings does not fully believe what they espouse, one run through the song lyrics will prove otherwise. Lyrics such as “Rape and torture the holy crown, Destroy all religion, burn it to the ground” and “Christian lie, Christian spy, Burn in Satan's fire” are just two examples of what to expect. This is not a band of posers, this is a band that is completely committed to that which they preach. I have a copy of one of their previous demos, along with a poster, both adorned in human blood. This is not a band that casually uses the name of the Dark Lord because it’s the cool thing to do at the moment. They are in it for life, for blood.
Their music is black metal, as mentioned, a glorious cacophony of wickedness unleashed. Every note is played as though the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Drums pound out the rhythms for the countdown to Armageddon. There is power and danger and raw magick at work in these songs. The only other band I can think to compare them to is Watain. Both bands have the ability to bring forth their music in a way that leaves the listener with no doubt as to where they stand, what they believe, and how they hope to accomplish it. This is an amazing body of work and if it doesn't strike you as such you are not in tune with the worlds around you. I highly recommend that you head over to Bandcamp and get a copy of this one for yourself.

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