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Blood Bytes: Best True Blood Quotes 5.10 – ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’

Posted on the 16 August 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

Blood Bytes: Best True Blood Quotes 5.10 – ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’

Something we enjoy to do each week is to pull out the True Blood quotes that we think are the best from each episode. The criteria for a quote to make our list is that the it must stand on it’s own when taken out of context.

In episode 10, “Gone, Gone, Gone,” we saw the heartbreaking of Hoyt on the show when Jessica glamoured him to forget her and Jason, we also saw Russell, in his fashion, reject the teachings of Lilith and we saw Sookie learn more about Warlow.   My favorite quote from this episode was, once again, said by Pam:

Pam:  We procreate because we want to, not because some dickhead dipped in afterbirth told us to.

Here are the other memorable quotations from this episode:
Russell: All this talk of killing has made me positively ravenous, who wants to go out and eat?

Russell: I thought the book of fucking Lilith wanted us to go out and hunt, or is there some chapter where we’re supposed to be sitting around memorizing index cards.

Maxine: I had to practically stand over your hospital bed to keep that Cheeto headed tramp from trying to giver you her blood.

Pam:  Well, fuck me, he can count past 5.

Bill: You saved my life, in return we will save your soul.

Godric:  My blood is in you, I’m with you always.  Lilith is a godless, god, she will lead you and all around you to destruction.

Godric: I have done what you have failed to do, “ I’ve evolved.”

Pam:  We procreate because we want to, not because some dickhead dipped in afterbirth told us to.

Pam: You and me, we live in the wind, just like I did with Eric.  We don’t need this place, it’s four walls and plaster, that’s all.

Hoyt: My home is where my mama smothers me, and my girl left me for my best friend, and a bunch of barrack Obamas nearly got me killed.

Hoyt: I want you gone out of my head.  I want to lay down, go to sleep and not dream about you ever again.

Hoyt: Please take this hurt away from me so I can go on havin’ my life. Please.

Jason:  Who’s the smart one now?

Lafayette: This bitch can burn if she ain’t slinging for 200 rednecks every night.

Andy:  I don’t say this to many men, but I love you.

Lafayette: Ah, but baby don’t get used to it because once this vampire situation is over, folks are gonna be back or we’re gonna be dead, one or the other.

Eric: I humbly beg your forgiveness. I refused to recognize what was clear to all of us. Lilith came to me and she destroyed my maker whom I was worshiping as a false God.  We are the children of Lilith and it is her that we must obey.  And to you, I give thanks for your mercy and I forgive you for your sins against my family.  We are made again, we are brothers now in the eyes of Lilith.  As we are one in her blood we must lay down our swords against one another.

Russell: If Lilith wills it, so be it, even though you’re getting the better end of the deal.

Bill: My world is full of wonder and mystery again.

Jessica: Sounds like the Bible study my parents made me do.

Bill: It’s not that different, they just had the wrong book.

Tara: I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no baby vampires.

Elijah: Ice your clam, let me take a look.

Tara: We’re not running, no one fucks with us in our house.

Rev. Newlin: Emma, you know that daddy doesn’t like it when you’re human.  Do you want Nigel to eat you?

Russell: Are we seriously sitting here discussing education reform.  Are we vampires or school marms?

Russell: How do you propose we seek our rightful place in the hierarchy of beings when we’re helpless as hamsters for 12 hours out of the day?

Russell about faeries:  Their blood is like sucking on heaven.

Russell: Please, give me an excuse to kill the both of you or hell, why not all of you.  I am 3000 years old; I am stronger than all of you combined.  How long did you think I would be your lap dog.? I offered you the opportunity to share in the greatest advancement in the history of our race, and the small mindedness of your religion has literally kept you in the dark.  You can have your Lilith, I will not be constrained by your God or anyone else’s, I will have the sun.


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