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Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 5.03 – ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me’

Posted on the 28 June 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

bytessquare5 Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 5.03 – ‘Whatever I Am, You Made MeEpisode 3 of the season was full of great quotes. Something we enjoy to do each week is to pull out those quotes that we think are the best. Raelle Tucker was in true form as writer, providing many excellent examples. The criteria for a quote to make our list is that the it must stand on it’s own when taken out of context.

There were a couple of good ones (in the list below) from Rosalyn Harris and we loved it when Bill talks to Eric about  ”sloppy seconds,”  that just hit it’s mark.

But, in this episode, the best line was said by Tina Majorino as a Vampire Authority member when she said to Eric and Bill: 

“You guys are too cute to be goo.”

Below is our top quotes from episode 5.03:


Pam: Go back to dry humping each other or buying over priced drinks or get the fuck out.

Steve Newlin: Humans are not rational, they are 100% motivated by fear. All they want is to feel safe, to know that they are good and right and they’re gonna end up in heaven full of puffy clouds with everybody they’ve ever loved wearing angel wings. So, you tell me what you want me to believe and I’ll sell it to them.

Vampire Authority member: You guys are too cute to be goo.

Eric: It would be a shame to sacrifice a promising vampire simply because his maker failed to educate him how to treat his elders.

Lafayette: These beans is colder than titties in a brass bra.

Salome: The human Bible is little better than US weekly.  They made me a convenient villain; a symbol for dangerous female sexuality.

Tracy: You are hotter than barbecued tabasco sauce in that dress.

Tracy: God gave that boy a penis and a brain but only enough blood to run one at a time.

Eric: Would you toss a new a new born baby in a gutter, abandoning a new vampire is no difference. Becoming a maker is an eternal commitment, greater than any marriage, deeper than any human bond, to throw that away is sacrilege.

Pam: Let me walk the world with you Mr. Northman, or watch me die.

Rosalyn: As we say In Texas honey, if you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is stop diggin’.

Rosalyn: Both? Now you see, that’s a sandwich I’d take a bite out of anytime.

Jason: I realized that I’ve got this big hole in me that I’ve been fillin’ up with sex.

Bill: You know what they say about gentlemen, they don’t brag about sloppy seconds.

Arlene: Turning your own flesh and blood into a vampire, who does that? Shame Lafayette, shame on you.


Were there other quotations that you enjoyed? Leave us a comment below about your favorites.

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