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Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.10 – ‘Burning Down The House’

Posted on the 01 September 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.10 – ‘Burning Down The House’

Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.10 – ‘Burning Down The House’


Season 4 Episode 10 aired last Sunday and all I can say is “WOW!”  Tommy’s death scene was very touching and Terry’s intervention with Andy was just great, but the vampires ran it again for me as they fight the witch spell.

My favorite quote in this episode was from Lafayette when he said, “It’s a Latin thing” as Jesus face turned into a monster as he broke through Marnie/Antonia’s barrier.  However the most touching for me was when Terry said “Men without souls don’t cry.”  So true.

This year we have chosen to be much more selective and only include the very best quotes we can find in each episode. These are quotes that we think can “stand on their own” and be used over and over, even outside True Blood.

Below are the most quotable and interesting quotes from Episode 4.10 “Burning Down The House.”


Jessica: I’m going to go find somebody to eat.

Male hostage at the Goddess Emporium: Magic is not stronger than technology!

Nan:  You’ve been keeping secrets from me.  What’s the deal with your little dairy maid and her little lightning trick?

Nan: Blowing up Moon Goddess is not a 21st Century solution.

Bill: I can’t risk potential genocide to save one human just because she’s your friend.

Tommy: There ain’t no heaven and hell’s a dog fight.  I’m gonna disappear like I never was; that’s what I want.

Sam: Tommy, I’ll never forget about you, you’re my heart always, you’re my brother.

Tara: What if we pronounce something wrong and instead of breaking her spell, we start a plague of locusts in here.

Antonia: I only turned to necromancy to control death, to save my village from fever.  I didn’t no come back to shed the blood of the innocent.

Jessica: I don’t care what happens as long as I get to kill shit.

Lafayette: It’s a Latin thing.

Marcus: Different philosophies.

Debbie: I just want to be normal run in my pack, have fun, have kids.

Andy: I wasn’t too old for socks.

Terry: Words don’t put food on the table.

Andy: I’m a sheriff and you’re only a fry cook, so I fucking win.

Marnie: This is not possession, this is union.

Terry: Men without souls do not cry.


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