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Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.07 – ‘Cold Grey Light of Dawn’

Posted on the 11 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.07  – ‘Cold Grey Light of Dawn’


Season 4 Episode 7 aired last Sunday and it was a pivotal episode in my opinion.  I sure hope Jessica lives, but it didn’t look too good for her at the end.

This episode, although probably my favorite this season didn’t have a lot of quotable quotes that fit well into our new guidelines so I stretched our rules a bit this week to make up for it. This year we have chosen to be much more selective and only include the very best quotes we can find in each episode. These are quotes that we think can “stand on their own” and be used over and over, even outside True Blood.

My favorite quote in this episode was said by Pam, of course: “You fucking cunt. I’m going shove my hand up your ass and use you as a hand warmer.”

Below are the most quotable and interesting quotes from Episode 4.07 ‘Cold Grey Light of Dawn.’


Pam: I can’t decide which of you I should kill first.

Pam: You wanna die first, fine by me. How does it feel to have your life slipping out of you. What’s that? I can’t hear ya. Too bad, I’ll never know.

Pam: I am not a zombie.

Pam: Maybe ten minutes form now, or ten years. The moment you think you are safe I promise I will hunt you down and fucking shred you like confetti.

Lafayette: Can we go back to how I am a medium?

Alcide: Woods on a full moon, you know what’s out here, it aint right to just leave her alone.

Luis: Resurrection!

Tara: I just came within a fingernail of being eaten by a vampire.

Tara: Everyone who has ever been with me has ended up dead. It ain’t a long list but it’s a bad one to be on.

Jason: Stay calm, don’t do nothing.

Hoyt: She’s slipping away from me, I know it.

Jason: I’d rather be cooking than talking anyhow.

Hoyt: I can’t lose her, it will kill me if I lose her.

Bill: During the Spanish Inquisition, Vampires exploited the chaos by satiating their appetites for blood and for lust and one of their victims was Antonia. But, she was a powerful necromancer, she could control the dead and as she burnt upon the stake she cast a spell that drew all the vampires of Logroño out into the sun. I thought she was lost from the past; cautionary lesson form our history. But I could see her influence on Luis, I felt it, she’s returned as a witch that can be keeping an eye on, she’s harmless on her own but somehow, Antonia has inhabited Marnie’s body and now that Antonia has a human host, well, you can see the result.

Bill: Since when has any fanatic been held back by the improbability of their righteous mission.

Jessica: I sure don’t want to fry in the sun.

Blackburn: You want us to willfully silver ourselves.

Bill: I will not abandon this kingdom and neither will you. The suffering will be great, but it is our only chance to survive the day.

Bill: We brace for the resurrection.
Eric: I’m listening to your heart beat. I can hear it every pulse through your skin into mine. If I lay still and think about nothing else, it’s like my own hearts beating.
Dr. Ludwig: This will sting a bit.
Pam: You fucking cunt. I’m going shove my hand up your ass and use you as a hand warmer.

Pam: Please shut up and fix me.

Dr. Ludwig: Oh I can’t fix you, I’m not a witch, I can’t undo curses. The best I can do is remove the outside rot.
Dr. Ludwig: I can make you look pretty again, or at least what you looked like before, whatever you called that.
Sookie: I don’t know why you let Eric go, I’m not sure I want to know, but I’m glad you did.
Bill: It appears the reunion was a happy one?
Bill: If you care anything for him, you will do this or it will be his last day on earth.
Marnie: You may call me Antonia

Bill: Twice that on me.
Sookie: I’ve lost too many people in my life, I can’t lose you too.
Lafayette: Old Luca could have warned me. I felt like a giant ass puppet for your ghost uncle.
Luna: How can I say this in a way you won’t misinterpret, fuck you.

Tara: I can run away and hide or I can hold my ground and stand up for myself.

Bill: I’m sorry, I caused you so much suffering in your human life and now in this one.
Jessica: No, I don’t want you to ever be sorry. I’ve lived more with you than I ever did with my human parents.
Bill: If you’ve fallen out of love with him, it doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your humanity. We all at our core are humans.
Bill: All these years we indulged our murderous impulses and called it our nature. How could we not expect reprisal.

Bill: I’ve had 175 years on this earth and I’ve accomplished so little, when we survive the day, I’ll put a stop to it.
Jessica: When we survive the day, I’m going to eat that frickin witch, starting with her face.
Eric: If you can overlook the things I’ve done and forgive me for them, I don’t want to remember. I’m perfectly happy as I am.

Andy, These are for you, they were on sale.

Marnie: My name is Antonia. I died at the hands of vampires in the year 1610. Our brave and loyal friend Marnie has summoned me from across the centureies. For we are once again at war, but we are capable of defending ourselves. I can show you. If you do not wish to join me go now, I seek ony the assistance of the willing.
Marnie: Understand this, vampires are not immortal, they are only harder to kill. That is where our humanity is our great advantage because our human spirits are immortal. I stand before you a living proof of this very fact. I have matched my human spirit against their emptiness and I have won.

Marnie: Let us show these vampires the fury and power of the human spirit. We have waited 400 years for this, who of you will join me?

Sam: I wish I could forget every fucking thing about you.

Sookie: There’s a witch spell coming that’s supposed to make all the vampires walk out in the sun.

Jessica: The Sun!

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