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Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.05 – ‘Me And The Devil’

Posted on the 28 July 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.05  – ‘Me And The Devil’


Season 4 Episode 5 aired last Sunday and things are now starting to come together.  The Mickens are no more, Jesus and Lafayette go to Mexico, Bill rounds up the vampire sheriffs to help fight the wiccans and Eric and Sookie get together.

My favorite quote in this episode was from from Arlene when she said: “I’ve been praying to him (God) every night, but apparently my prayers are going to his voicemail.”  But, I just had to add this one because it’s so funny and is close to the heart of  a friend of mine, Bill says, “Oh, good, the world needs more beekeepers”

This year we have chosen to be much more selective and only include the very best quotes we can find in each episode. These are quotes that we think can “stand on their own” and be used over and over, even outside True Blood.

Below are the most quotable and interesting quotes from Episode 4.05 “Me And The Devil”.


Lafayette: “Hooker, you pissed off another vampire, and then you took another God damn nap.”

Lafayette: ”This kind of dog ate my homework excuse, it don’t reall fly with the vampires, because they sniff that shit and then they eat you like a fuckin’ pot pie.”

Lafayette: ”That’s some catchy shit for your headstone, good night.”

Godric: ”Drink with me, We will drain her and walk in the sun together.”

Godric: ”You are incapable of love, you are damned. You cannot be saved. You are a creature of death and the living are good for only good thing, and it is not love.”

Godric: ”Stop fighting your nature, drink.”

Hoyt: “You just saved my best friends life“.

Jessica: “It’s all in the wrist.”

Bill: ”This is impossible, we share a bloodline. From now on our relationship will be strictly professional.”

Sookie: “You’re not Ghandi, but no, you’re not evil.”

Sookie: “If someone had told me a week ago that I be curled up in bed with Eric Northman, stroking his hair, I would have…It’s just that you weren’t always like this, gentle, sweet, but it suits you.”

Sookie: “It’s what Godric would have wanted. He was the most human of vampires I ever met.”

Eric: ”Strange to miss someone you don’t remember.”

Bill: “Oh, good, the world needs more beekeepers”

Pam: “I’m through making nice Bill, I can put up with a lot but when you fuck with my face, it’s time to die.”

Pam: “Look at my fucking face. Convene your sheriffs so we can kill this uppety wiccan cunt.”

Bill: “Maybe there’s a cosmetic solution, some extra lipstick. Well, the veil then.”

Lafayette: “Packing light and being me don’t mix.”

Lafayette: “Goat killer!”

Tommy: “I fucked up, Sam.”

Jason: ”I swear, as much as I love it, every bad thing that’s ever happened to me is becuase of sex.”

Jason: “It started out so innocent, so innocent with me chasin’ after Crystal’s cute little butt and ended up with me in a shack getting repeatedly violated.

Jason: “Maybe God’s punishing me for having too much sex. God’s sayin, Jason Stackhouse you have fucked too many women now let’s see how you like it.”

Lettie Mae: ”I was posessed by a deamon, so I have first hand knowledge.”

Sookie: ”I’m a real social butterfly myself. The way I see it, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.”

Sookie: ”Lady, when my gran tells me to run, I run.”

Tommy: “I ain’t gonna let no cop take you Sam, I’ll kill him first.”

Tommy: “I ain’t killed him.”

Sam: ”And, Jesus wept.”

Sookie: “You gotta be honest with the people you love.”

Tara: “You got a short God damn memory, this is the fucker who sold you out to Russell Edgington, he tricked you into drinking his blood, he locked Lafayette in a dungeon and tortured him, you hate Eric Northman.”

BIll: “Insanity comes with the job.”

Lafayette: “Whoever it is, looks like grandpa still got some lead in the pencil”

Tommy: “Its in the ten commandments, don’t kill shit and don’t fuck with you parents, I did both.”

Sam: “They stole from me, I figured if they can break that commandment, I can break a different one.”

Sam: “You don’t know what’s in you until sometimes, it just pops out.”

Sam: “Gators love marshmallows, you should know that.”

Arlene: “I’ve been praying to him (God) every night, but apparently my prayers are going to his voicemail.”

Terry: “Don’t sell God short, ok?  He loves, love and we got a lot of love in this family.”

Terry: ”You can’t jinx God’s will.”

Jason: “Hey, could we not talk about you right now?”

Jessica: ”It’s up to you stud, it’s your dream.”

Jason: “Oh my gravy!”

Eric: “Your pain is my fault.”

Sookie: “I wouldn’t be with you know if I didn’t know in my heart that you’ve changed. I’ve seen you change, and I like you.”

Eric: ”There’s a light in you, it’s beautiful, I couldn’t bear it if I snuffed it out.”

Pam: “Do you know nothing of our history?”

Bill: “Vampires have often found it advantageous to maintain a hidden presence in humanities most powerful institutions. In the 1600’s that was the Catholic Church and today, as you all know it’s Googling and Fox News.”

Pam: “If anyone deserves the truth death its that witch, look at me, I’m rotting.”

Pam: “I’m sorry, Eric.”

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