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Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.02 – ‘If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?’

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault
Blood Bytes: Best Quotes Eps. 4.02  – ‘If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?’


Season 4 Episode 3 aired last Sunday and things are really getting going. I feel for poor Jason who is still tied to that bed after three episodes.  I can’t wait until is he freed.

My favorite quote in this episode was from Bill again when he gave advice to Jessica on her relationship with Hoyt. He said, “Vamp up, if you love him, you tell the truth, period.” In my opinion, these are wise words to live by.


Below are the most quotable and interesting quotes from Episode 4.03 “If you Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?.”


Sookie: I am not your fucking dinner.
Eric: I know what I am, I just don’t know who I am.
Eric: Everything I was, was taken from me.
Tara: It’s been a while since I’ve been attacked by a Vampire, and guess what, it still sucks.
Luther: Nature doesn’t need to be smart, nature is nature.
Guy from Wake Up America, before we’re all dead.
Bill: I am the authority, you idiot!
Jessica: I’m not stupid, I’m just unfaithful.
Bill: Imagine how hurt he’d feel if he ever found out from someone else.
Bill: Vamp up, if you love him, you tell the truth, period.
Pam: Dial it back a notch Jethro, you’re starting to piss me off.
Sookie: Oh great, now I have to deal with witches?
Sookie: Eric tasted me against my will, so technically you “fang raped” me.
Jessica: I am so sorry for what I did and I am even more sorry for what I’m doing now.
Lafayette: Boyfriend, you don’t need to learn nothing from nobody, you is perfect just the way you is.
Lafayette: I’m going to beddy bed, ya’ll bitches clean, nite.
Andy: God grant me the serenity; fuck it.
Andy: You think just cause I know you can turn into flies and dogs and dog shit for all I know; you think that gives you the right to flagrantly butt my authority?
Debbie: I would have made amends a long time ago if I didn’t think you were dead.
Crystal: You always was wonderin’ what your purpose was in life, well this is it right here, to save out people from going extinct.
Crystal: You ain’t sick, you’re being reborn as one of us, as our new ghost daddy.
Sam: I don’t mind sharing with you, but that fucking hurt. The life we got is the life we got.
Bill: I can never love you. One needs a young heart to take the leap that love requires of us and my heart, like every other part of me, is no longer young.
Pam: It’s one thing to fuck with me, that doesn’t make me angry that just makes me laugh, but fuck with my maker, and you’re just asking for it.
Marnie: I’ve tasted your power and I know it don’t come cheap and ‘I’m willing to pay the price.”
Marnie: All my entire life I have wanted to mean something, to know for once and for all why I was born with one foot in the other world. Make me your servant, I beg you. Please come.
Jason: “I wish I never laid eyes on you Crystal Norris. You ain’t worth the trouble you’ve caused me; you ain’t nothin’ but a hillbilly junkie.”
Sookie: ““You just killed my fairy godmother.”

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