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Bloi Notices the Little Corona Changes in Yeshiva Bochurim

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Rav Motka Bloi, Bnei Braq educator and askan for the Degel Hatorah faction of UTJ, is disturbed by the changes in the Haredi wrought by CoronaVirus - changes he says are bad, even devastating.
A lot has been discussed as to how Corona will change us all, by the time it is over. A lot of fuss was made specifically with how it will change the Haredi community, especially in light of the early on lack of rabbinic leadership that made bad decisions that turned out to be harmful to the community. A lot has been written suggesting it would mostly hurt the institution of "daas torah", with banned internet use also being a clear victim.
Bloi points to a number of problems he is already seeing, such as:
  - many yeshivas are still closed. As well, yeshiva ketanas that are functioning are generally on a  shortened schedule, as they cannot provide food - so the boys start the day at 9:30, 10am instead of at 7, and they finish at 8pm instead of at 9pm. These are a lot of extra hours the boys have no framework to be in. The best of the boys expend their energy going to the Kotel, while the more "chevraman" type might go to Kever Yosef and the like, many regular boys are going on trips such as bike trips along the beach, and many are spending a lot of time on the Internet.
 - families are in conflict. normally the boys are mostly out of the house, in yeshivas. Now with the boys home so much, the parents might ask the boys to help with chores around the house. Yet the boy with no schedule might wake up late and when he goes down to shul he forgets to take the garbage out with him, and it leads to friction.
  - some boys, even in haredi cities, are busy playing football (soccer) with "problematic" people - at some point the good boys also might take off their shirt and tzitzis - hey, it is hot - and suddenly he isn't the same young man any longer.
source: Kikar
it is the little things. Everyone looks at the big things, but ignore the little things. Bloi is noticing the little changes. The little changes might lead to big changes, for sure, but these little changes are also a big deal for this type of a community.
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