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Blogging Office Style

By Annamoss84 @missanniebean
As you may or may not be aware my boyfriend and I purchased our first house in September and since then everything sort of got put on pause due to the lack of money.  The house interior isn't to our taste but we can live with it for now, but one room I really wanted to get sorted was the office... aka my blogging hub.The room was simply a single bedded spare room to the previous owners and when we moved in it was literally an empty dumping ground room.  After negotiation with the other half we decided it would be the office... I'd get that as my room and he could do whatever he wanted to the garage... which is a pretty good deal!Blogging Office Style I know the camera can only show so much but trust me there isn't much more to show.  It is literally a box. The challenge has been accepted and I'm happily chipping away at it.  Firstly changing the curtains and clearing out my old desk that had been camping in there for the time being,  I wasn't a fan of my MFI style corner desk so I wanted it out and have the intention of popping it on Freecycle.  Blogging Office StyleBlogging Office Style I found a solid wood desk on ebay for £30 and have decided to do a Kirsty Allsopp and upcycle it.Blogging Office StyleBlogging Office StyleObviously there is a lot to do but it's great to get started.  I will be posting a whole blog post about the journey of my desk and the final look! Blog OfficeI know the kind of look I'm after and color is the main inspiration behind my aim.  To me blogging is fun and creative and that's exactly what I want out of my office.  I've began the clear out and added the well known Ikea Expedit shelving unit.  I was a bit stuck for space so I purchased a tall single shelving unit and a double one too.  You can't actually tell they aren't fixed together but it's worked out better getting these two as I've made a mini book shelve out of the top. Blogging Office StyleIdeally I really really want to get rid of the horrible blue wallpaper but I just don't have the time or money to do that, however when I do I'd like to have one wall art then the rest of the walls will be an off white color...but for now this will do fine!As this is going to be a long process I've decided to give you a selection of styles of furniture and top picks.  Making a blog office is all about style and projecting your personality into the room like you would your blog.  DeskBlogging Office Style Sweetpea and Willow Walnut Kidney Desk with Monitor Lift - £7248.00Blogging Office StyleMade Stroller Walnut Desk - £399.00Blogging Office StyleSweetpea and Willow Colonial Writing Desk - £558.00Blogging Office StyleGo Modern Paris Home Office Desk - £270.00
ChairBlogging Office StyleLime Mordern Living Calligaris Hero Chair - £80.00Blogging Office StyleLime Living Calligaris New York White Office Chair - £252.00Blogging Office StyleLime Living Calligaris Skip Folding Chair - £90.00Blogging Office StyleThe Old Cinema - One Off Piece
Office BitsBlogging Office StyleLike And Dislike Stamps - £10.99The picture speaks for itself... amazing! Blogging Office StyleRed 5 Dead Thirsty Mug - £9.95You always need a mug in your office for those needed tea breaks.  I love this mug from Red5 as it's just a bit different.Blogging Office StyleJonny's Sister  Personalised Cream Cannister - £28.50I know these aren't strictly 'office' but sweets in your blog hub?!  Ooh yes! Blogging Office StyleThe Great Gift Company USB Hubdog - £12.50I love dogs... need I say more?

There you have a few ideas for a blog office, make sure you check back to see how I'm getting on and get some interior inspiration for your home office. 

Blogging Office Stylexoxo

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