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Blogging Frustration: Friday the 13th and the Honeymoon

By Coreyamaro

corey amaro photography Paris place de la Concorde


Corey amaro photography Paris place de la Concorde


If you saw a 404 Page yesterday when trying to log on to my blog this is why. Typepad went down AGAIN. Typepad the server I use to create and post my blog has been hacked by the infamous Ddos several times in the last month. Yesterday, Typepad suffered problems their upstream provider which put my blog (and million others) down.  Also due to the above, plus the subscription reader (blog sent to you by email) as many of you use to read my blog, has had problems. Typepad is working on them as I type. It has been frustrating not to be able to blog when I want, to receive countless emails wondering "Where are you?", and not be able to do anything but to wait it through. Lately, I have been told that when some of you click to read my blog a 30 second ad appears before my blog post opens. Again frustrating, Typepad is working on managing the internal hiccups In the nearly eight years that I have been blogging I have missed putting a blog post online twice, both due to the inability to access my blog through Typepad. Yesterday was one of those days. Thank you for sticking with me during this mess. In the meantime you might want to try BLOGLOVIN a free email subscription to read my blog. Add this to the find my blog:

Or you look here for the best blog readers:


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