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Blogger Luncheon with Vo5

By Lil_white_whale @lil_white_whale

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The shampoo mavens over at V05 have been working hard at developing a new scent for their line, and I was lucky enough to be invited to give some feedback at a luncheon they hosted last week at Back Forty West! We learned a bit about the history of the company, which was really interesting – I had no idea the brand was nearly 60 years old, nor did I know that the name V05 comes from the “5 vitamin oils” that are included in all of their products. The more you know!

The highlight of our luncheon was smelling the samples (obviously)! I had never participated in anything like this before, so the whole process was new and exciting to me. We were given small bottles one at a time, which we sniffed and tried our best to decipher what the heck we were smelling. It was so funny to see how the fragrances impacted everyone differently: “This smells like the color pink! This smells like when you walk onto an airplane!” After jotting down our notes, the experts revealed the breakdowns of each scent, which were surprisingly complex, and we could see if we were close with our assessments.

v05 blogger luncheon

Our session was dessert themed, so everything revolved around sugary goodness. Which one sounds like it would be your favorite?

Scent #1 was light and sweet, with hints of citrus, vanilla, and almonds

Scent #2 had a fruity candy scent that remind me Swedish Fish!

Scent #3 was the most decadent with strong notes of coconut and caramel.

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