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Blog, Captures and Haunted House

By Aliasgarmukhtiar
Now for me blogging is a passion where i intend sharing pictures taken by me with the world , now the problem is where do i get so many pictures from as ideally i would like to post daily.  I have a collection of maybe 10000 pictures or more but they are basically home stuff. So now what do i do ? So i start visualising what will look good on my Blog . Now i have passed this particular bungalow a thousand times , maybe more but i never felt the need to click it . Now today passing it  there was a traffic jam kind of situation where i was stuck just opposite this place for 5 minutes , now normally i would have started cursing and yelling and blaming everyone but me for this Traffic Jam, but today i saw this moment and decided to seize it.
blog, captures  and haunted house
blog, captures  and haunted house
Now looking at it closely , i began thinking how it must be when it must be new , freshly painted , furnished and the owners joy and pride for their prized possession , why is it like that now? Is it really Haunted as some people say ? what about  its owners ? where are there ? God knows ? 

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