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Blind Items Revealed #7 – Anniversary Month

Posted on the 24 November 2017 by Sumithardia

Blind Items Revealed #7 – Anniversary Month

October 30, 2013Usually when  have discussed television shows and the crazy behavior of the cast it is when shows have been off the air for quite some time and people are more willing to discuss things because careers may have stalled or or enough time has passed that they think they can get away with it.This show is not on the air any longer but it was within the last couple of years. Apparently there was nothing but sex all the time on the show which is kind of funny when you think about the show.The big winner in the whole thing was the lead of the show. For the entire run of the show he went through almost every actress. There were very few women who came on set or who were regulars who did not have a roll in the hay with the big gun which is how they referred to the actor because he has a fairly large gun and fires a lot of bullets.Out of the female lead cast only one was immune to the charms of the actor and every one assumes it is because she is married. Nope. She just didn’t care for the actor very much which makes her acting in the show even more remarkable.There were definitely some issues. One actress became more of a stalker than anything else and would follow the actor home at night after work. She thought their fling was much more than a fling and she ended up in a mental hospital for a short period of time because of the drama. Fans of the show will have no problems figuring out who it is.Another couple that did not get along were together on the show but off screen could not stand each other. The actor, a B list mostly television actor was rebuffed by the now almost A list movie actress and from the date forward they hated each other with a passion.Another actress in the show who was a bit unusual never had sex with the lead actor but she did spend some time involved in a very rough sexual relationship with another actress on the show. Both of the actresses are B- list mostly television.Big Love/Bill Paxton/Jeanne Tripplehorn/Tina Majorino/Aaron Paul & Amanda Seyfried (the two other women have not come out although one is very careful with her wording when she answers)
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